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6 Top Tips on How To Plan a Wedding


Planning a wedding can be overwhelming for a first timer and hopefully you only get one go at it….. Here’s a few top tips to get you pointing in the right direction.


  • Wedding Planning Checklist: There are many wedding related websites that have wedding checklists such as this one available to download. These types of checklists will also have a good guide to wedding planning timelines. If you start with one of these checklists and refine it with anything additional that is specific to your wedding, you will be in good shape. We really love this simple one page Wedding Planning Checklist from local Newy Business, Pop Celebrations. 

  • Wedding guest numbers: Grab a bottle of wine, sit down with your partner and make a list of all the people you want to share the occasion with. Once you have a grip on your guest numbers, it will influence your venue, your budget and many of the other planning aspects for your wedding so best get a good list early.

  • Wedding Budget Planning: Your wedding costs will very quickly get out of hand without a solid budget and template to plan and capture all your costings. There are numerous templates available online such as the wedding budget excel templates here. Have a go at filling in the estimates early to see how much per head you have available to spend which will also influence your venue selection. And make sure you leave a little room in the budget for blow outs…

  • Wedding Services and Suppliers: To keep stress levels to a minimum on your wedding day, choose local and reputable wedding suppliers with quality reviews. They will be your best chance at delivering what was agreed to so you can focus on the celebrations. Wedding directories such as this one are a great way to view quality vendors without having to search through numerous listings.
Newcastle couple beach wedding
  •  Consider your top priorities: It may not be possible to get every vendor in the venue you want in the time frame you’ve set to be married. Sit down with your partner and write down the 3-5 most important things to you on the day. Having a clear list on what is most important before you start engaging vendors will help you prioritise bookings with minimal stress.

  • Remember what is really important: If you find yourself getting stressed out over issues that tend to arise for these types of occasions, consider at the end of the day what is actually important. You may find the small things that are stressing you out may not be that important in the big scheme of things if you take a step back and think hard about what’s important.