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Check out our list of Newcastle’s best Wedding Videographers to help you perfectly capture your big day

KSC Wedding Videography Newcastle West NSW

KSC Weddings

Newcastle West, NSW

To set your wedding day on a reel for you to look back upon time and time again, the expert videographers at KSC Weddings are a great pick! They believe that you must have the day flawlessly immortalised considering all the effort that goes into planning it and they guarantee making a spectacular memento to watch over and over for generations to come. 

In addition to several packages offered by KSC Weddings, they can also customise something just for you! 

CALL 0492 506 207

Momento Collective Newcastle NSW Wedding Videography

Memento Collective

Newcastle, NSW

With expertise in both wedding videography and photography, Memento Collective has made quite a name for itself with Newcastle couples over the past few years.

Steven Healy and Noah Dawson, the team behind the lens, wonderfully capture wedding memories and their passion for the craft is obvious is the way they weave a cinematic masterpiece that celebrates the love and coming together of two families.

CALL 0411 791 505

Bedroom Studio Wedding Videography Birmingham Gardens, NSW

Bedroom Studio

Birmingham Gardens, NSW

Bedroom Studio’s name is an indication of just how easy you have to take things when it comes to planning your wedding videographers- it’s a bed of roses, since all you have to do is book!

This Newcastle-based boutique wedding videography studio, specialises in cinematic wedding video styles. They assure a quick turnaround of high-quality videos complete with licensed music that enables you to share it across platforms with your friends and family.

CALL 0422 408 121

GMTMT Films Newcastle


Newcastle, NSW

Every love story is a tale worth telling and hiring GMTMT Films as your wedding videographers is a sure way to ensure that you have a poetically narrated visual storybook of your personal fairy-tale. Their cinematic narration of your special day is sure to leave you spellbound.

This team of award-winning wedding videographers are also maestros of a trending niche of wedding videography style called the Super 8, an approach that injects a pinch of nostalgia with the imperfectly perfect. They also cover photography, giving you seamless coverage of your whole day.

CALL 0481 181 710

Samuel Jacob Wedding Video Newcastle West

Samuel Jacob Photography

Newcastle West, NSW

In the business of wedding videography, there are a few people who make their work shine through. Samuel Jacob and his team of wedding videographers have the innate ability to make even the ordinary look extraordinary.

Panning in the panoramas, picking up on the details and recording the couple’s love for each other and their families – this skill and fine balance are exactly what Sam and his team seem to have mastered making them a great choice!

CALL 0434 235 800

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Something Blue

Newcastle West, NSW

The team at Something Blue believes in the embracing concept of weddings which are real and thoughtful. Much like their ideologies of being eco-ethical, their wedding videography is a reflection of the complexities hidden within the simplicity of couples who hire them and themselves.

Their videos resonate their passion and genuine love for their craft as they join couples in celebration of their meaningful relationships.

CALL (02) 8091 1255

I Heart Productions Newcastle NSW Wedding Videography

I Heart Productions

Newcastle, NSW

Not just a wedding video but a captivating wedding story! Your answer to one of the best wedding videography businesses in Newcastle, I Heart Productions narrate your love story with the added air of romance and panache that it deserves.

With ample experience in the wedding industry, they know just how to bring the magic of the wedding day to the final wedding video.

CALL (02) 4906 0773

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Stripey Shirt

Newcastle, NSW

If you prefer a more laid-back approach to fulfilling your wedding videography needs, Stripey Shirt is just the team you need to reach out to. They’ve made achieving that chilled out vibe on your wedding day their specialised niche and Stripey Shirt knows just how to blow your (casual) socks off! 

You will be comfortable, at ease and simply enjoying the best day of your life while they record it all for you to relive for many years to come! 

CALL 0468 618 526

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Why A Wedding Video Is A Must Have On Your Wedding Day?

While looking back on the gorgeous photos captured by your photographer on your special day is great, a wedding video is the ultimate way to capture all those beautiful moments like vows, speeches and the feeling of your wedding day.

For this reason, most couples are inclined towards having a wedding cinematographer to accompany the conventional wedding photographers to document the day as it happens and create a wedding highlights video.

Feeling intimidated at the thought of a camera in your face all day? Fear not! Wedding videos are honest and authentic depictions of your wedding day, with less than 15% of the shots planned. A photo isn’t going to allow you to hear those memorable toasts and relive the horror of your best friend revealing your most embarrassing moments to a crowd full of people! Only a wedding video will do that. 

The other thing is the cost. You may have doubts on ramping up costs of capturing your wedding and questioning the need to hire a wedding videographer. It is only natural. There were many couples in a similar position as you who decided to ditch the wedding video idea, who later regret their decision! Don’t be one of them! 

What Does The Average Wedding Videographer Cost?

While a picture speaks a thousand words, a video speaks a million. If it is the most special day of your life, it is a good idea to hire a wedding videographer to record it for you to look back upon in the years to come.

Many couples opt out of a package with a wedding video owing to the higher price point but more often than not, look back and regret their decision! How much higher, you ask?

It is estimated that the base price of hiring a good wedding videographer in Australia averages $2800. A few wedding videography companies offer packages for as low as $1000 while the veterans in the field charge upwards of $6000.

When picking out a wedding videographer, the first thing you must consider is how much you’re willing to shell out. To a few people, the wedding video is up there on their list of priorities with the dress! To others, they might consider it only on the advice of one of their already married friends.

Another thing you have to consider is the inclusions of a wedding videography package- it’s a good idea to create a bespoke package that best fits your needs.

While this may be a huge chunk of your wedding budget, the amount is definitely justifiable- it is a guaranteed way for you to relive your wedding memories- the excitement, the love, the laughter and your happily ever after!

What Do Wedding Videography Packages Include?

There was once a time when you’d consider if you wanted a wedding videographer, but times have changed. Now the question is who to choose! Wedding videography packages, most often, are separated into tiers based on their inclusions.

Even the most basic wedding videography packages ringing in at a ballpark figure of three and a half thousand quid, usually includes two videographers at the scene recording the entire ceremony as it happens for a period averaging 8 hours.

On wrapping up, a few days later, you may receive a highlights video along with the uncropped video on a USB stick or online.

The coverage sometimes even includes scoring some great drone footage (if your wedding is taking place in a drone flight compatible area) and a video guestbook of sorts with messages from the guests who attend your wedding for you to look back on at leisure.

At an additional cost, it is most often a possibility to choose the same company for your wedding photographer and videographer solutions, making your coordination process with vendors a lot easier. You can also add on things like extra coverage, additional video’s for parents or grandparents and pre-wedding video’s or couple video’s to play at the wedding.

Why It’s a Good Idea To Choose The Same Company For Your Wedding Photography And Videography?

Given the options, it can be a great idea to book the same company to cover your wedding photography and videography.

Do you ever remember the time when you attended a wedding and the couple in the spotlight seemed to go missing with the wedding photographers and videographers to get a few shots for their albums? If they’ve taken longer than usual to return from the shoot, there’s a high likelihood that they hired separate teams to cover their wedding photography and videography needs.

To avoid this and to get things moving along quicker so you get time to spend enjoying being surrounded by your family and friends, it is advised to hire one team which specialise in both wedding photography and videography. In this case, there is a good understanding between the two groups of professionals and they get to pre-plan their positioning to capture all the important moments. The end result of this is more often a homogenous style of wedding album and video too.

If you are a little bit of a penny pincher but still want a wedding photographer and videographer, then a package deal from the same company can also work out cheaper. You can also work out a bespoke quote with the company that best meets your needs.

Your only concern may be the proficiency levels of both the wedding photographer and videographer in such a scenario. While a company may be better known for one service, it is seen that they choose to hire a person with expertise in the other field to support them for the package. If this is the case, just ensure that the company has professionals in each of the areas rather.