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After a rustic wedding cake? Custom Cake Topper? Cheese Wheel Cake? Look No Further Than Our Delicious List Of Wedding Cake Makers

Luscious Me Wedding Cakes New Lambton Heights

Luscious Me

New Lambton Heights, NSW

Owner of Luscious Me, Apinya, is not only an experienced cake decorator with over 100 wedding cakes under her belt, but is well qualified with a diploma in Patisserie from Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School in Bangkok Thailand.

She also comes highly awarded with various awards in the annual Wollongong Baking Show including 2015 Grand Champion, as well as 1st place in the 2015 and 2017 wedding cake section, 2016 macaron section and 2018 Gateau section.

She moved to Newcastle and established Luscious Me in 2019 to help couples achieve their dream wedding cake.

CALL 0478 299 828

Pork Ewe Deli Wedding Cheese Tower Cakes Mayfield NSW

Pork Ewe Deli

Mayfield, NSW

If your love story is even a little bit on the cheesy side, you definitely need a wedding cake to match! Not cheesecake, but an entire cheese tower complete with a wedding cake topper that is sure to be 100% guest approved.

Pork Ewe Deli is reputed for their expertise when it comes to all kinds of cheese and their cheese towers are all the rage at wedding celebrations. Their personalised wedding cheese tower cakes are a ‘cheesy’ and great way to celebrate your wedding day!

CALL 02 4906 8774

Becs Custom Creations Cardiff NSW

Bec’s Custom Creations

Cardiff, NSW

Whether that beautiful three-tier buttercream wedding cake with stunning florals and bespoke macarons has caught your eye or a semi-naked drip cake with a simple topper is begging for your attention, Bec’s Custom Creations is always on target!  Your wedding guests are definitely going to rush to get a slice of this deliciousness, so our advice would be to order up!

Not just the wedding cake though, Bec’s Custom Creations is your simple and delicious answer to personalised cookie wedding favours also. You CAN actually have your cake and eat it too!

CALL 0422 524 404

Cakes By Han Wedding Cakes Merewether NSW

Cakes By Han

Merewether, NSW

Specialising in bespoke creations, Cakes by Han will go above and beyond to create the perfect masterpiece for your event.

Made by a perfectionist with an eye for every design detail, these delicious creations aren’t just eye catching, but will also leave your wedding guests licking their fingers and wanting more.

Whether you’re after a beautiful custom cake, unique cupcake/donut tower or scrumptious cookie wedding favours, Cakes by Han is guaranteed to make it everything you want and more.

CALL 0487 032 619

Hello Naomi Wedding Cakes Newcastle NSW

Hello Naomi Specialty Cakes

Newcastle, NSW

Hello Naomi is a boutique cake studio specialising in made-to-order, customised cakes to become the centrepiece of your celebrations.

While their beautiful cakes focus on the aesthetics usually with intricate patterns, Hello Naomi cakes are also absolutely delicious, made using the finest ingredients.

We think they are sure to make your sweet tooth smile.

CALL (02) 4023 0867

A La Roch Cakes Belmont North NSW

A la Roch Cakes & Sweets

Belmont North, NSW

Newcastle based, À la Roch Cakes & Sweets is a boutique cake studio with over 12 years of experience. Rochelle is a talented cake decorator who specialises in rustic frosted designs with fresh flowers or sophisticated smooth fondant finished cakes.

She will work with you to create your perfect cake within budget. She also specialises in cookies and cupcakes for additional desserts for your special occasion.

Using the freshest quality ingredients, cakes are baked to order from scratch. Delivery is available to Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens, Maitland, Hunter Valley and the Central Coast.

CALL 0402 326 141

Cake Mumma Wedding Cakes Hamilton NSW

Cake Mumma

Hamilton, NSW

Homemade deliciousness with store-bought flair is granted when you book a wedding cake from Cake Mumma! Naked, semi-naked, white buttercream, fondants, florals, colourful hundreds and thousands— they do it all when it comes to wedding cakes.

Don’t hesitate to get a few of their beautiful cupcakes too! Sweet tooth cravings on your special day will be satisfied for sure. Before you make your decision, be sure to order a tasting box from them to finalise the delicious flavours.

CALL 0428 540 693

Wedding Cakes by Kayla Newcastle NSW

Cakes By Kayla

Newcastle, NSW

Cakes by Kayla bring you a self-taught cake decorator with flair and creativity who enjoys bringing your cake dreams to life.

Whether you’re keeping it simple with a one-tier wedding cake or looking to impress with a large multi-tier personalised cake to match the tone of your wedding, her cakes are sure to bring a sparkle to your eye and put a smile on your face.

One look at the Cakes by Kayla Facebook page and you’ll know just how hard we’re finding it to keep the drool off our keyboards!

Butter Wedding Cakes Wallsend NSW


Wallsend, NSW

A wedding cake from Butter is a work of art in both looks and taste. Butter’s design style is elegant and modern, often featuring gorgeous florals to make a true centerpiece. Butter will work with you to create a beautiful wedding cake that is unique to you and your partner and perfectly suited to your special day.

The menu at Butter features delicious and unique flavours that you won’t find anywhere else. They taste so good you’ll still remember your cake from Butter on your 50th anniversary.

CALL 0493 143 156

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Fifi La Femme Bakery

Charlestown, NSW

Self-admitted ‘crazy about cake’ Fifi La Femme Bakery specialises in manifesting the wedding cake of your dreams. If you’re a sucker for beautiful buttercream creations, this bakery is definitely the right choice!

They focus on sourcing high quality ingredients, sticking to organic as much as possible and creating the wedding cake you’ve always envisioned from scratch.

Whether you’re looking for good old chocolate or vegan or gluten-free wedding cake, Fifi La Femme can make it happen!

CALL 02 4942 3322

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Cakes By The Lake

Lake Macquarie, NSW

With the reputation of being one of Lake Macquarie and the Newcastle’s leading cake artists, Cakes By The Lake brings you a slice of heaven on your wedding day!

A crowd favourite wedding cake seems to be their three-tiered buttercream cake with stunning florals to complement it. They guarantee on delivering a wedding cake that goes beyond just meeting your needs, they vouch the wedding cake they create will surely exceed your expectations!

Wedding Cake Toppers

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Why A Cheese Wheel Cake Will Impress Even The Cheesiest Couples?

They say sweet dreams are made of cheese and if you’ve been leafing through those wedding magazines, you definitely know that the latest trend in wedding cakes isn’t actually a cake at all! With all that wine and bubbly flowing at your wedding venue, opt for a cheese wheel wedding cake which happens to be just a more blissful pairing, like you and your significant other (wink)!

Like the conventional wedding cakes, cheese tower cakes are multi-tiered, can be made to appear rustic or modern to match your event styling and can make for a funky cake cutting ceremony. The unique savoury option of a cheese tower cake will be a showstopper during your wedding cake cutting and is quite a sophisticated route to take on the good old-fashioned cheese platter.

Quality is often guaranteed as your cheese tower cake will be created by an artisanal cheese specialist; and with the vibrant cheese scene in Australia, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Cheese wedding cakes are having their moment in the sun right now! Make sure you go in for a (delicious) tasting session to confirm exactly which wheels of cheese you’d like for the various tiers and the condiments you’d like to complement them. Remember to mix and match while you experiment with the different textures. Let your fromage-ination run wild! Like the traditional wedding cake, fruit and flowers are a commonplace feature on cheese wedding cakes too, to give the cake a finished feel.

This cheese wheel cake is sure to go down well for that customary cake cutting moment. So smile for the cameras and say ‘Cheese’ for all the right reasons!

How Much Will A Wedding Cake Cost?

A wedding cake’s cost is a little impossible to estimate until an idea of the cakes style and size is known, however, as a guide the average cost of a wedding cake in Australia is a little over $500.

Along with how you want the cake to look, other factors which may alter wedding cake prices may include where you purchase it from, if you’re open to having a fake wedding cake (What’s that, you ask? Keep reading!) and if you want something off a catalogue or customised to your liking. Let’s take a detailed look at these factors:

  • Simple and Single Tier Wedding Cakes

Your wedding cake cost is highly dependent on exactly how big you want this centrepiece to your celebration to be. On the cheap end of wedding cakes would be those simple yet stunning single-tier wedding cakes.

  • Classic Two-Tiered Wedding Cakes

Next comes the stunning two-tier wedding cake- a popular choice among those who want to keep things classy while feeding some delicious cake to up to 25 people! The 2-tier wedding cake can even have two different flavours (perhaps a favourite of the bride(s) and/or groom(s) each?) so that you get the best of both worlds.

  • Extravagant Three-Tiered Wedding Cakes

If your style is extravagant and your wedding guest list is huge, your best bet would be a 3-tier wedding cake. We’ve noticed that most couples choose to celebrate their wedding with a 3-tier cake.

A fun trend that has been doing the rounds on Pinterest are multi-tiered wedding cakes with a little bit of quirk peppered with the traditional white buttercream cakes. This could be one of the layers with a superhero theme or setting the scene for the couple’s story with a cute cake topper.

  • Fake It Till You Make It!

Have you heard of fake wedding cakes? They’re an imaginative way to get the appearance of a multi-tiered cake while saving big bucks! While some people forgo the cake altogether and get a sheet cake to serve their guests, you have the option of making a few layers in foam and others in real cake.

Again, this approach is lighter on your wallet and doesn’t force you to compromise on aesthetics and your fixed budget. And the best bit? No one will ever know as they are covered in icing and decorations just like the real deal.

What Are Some Unique Wedding Cake Styles To Consider?

Stray away from the traditional and consider some unique wedding cakes for your big day. This list of amazing wedding cakes is sure to get you to switch from those white cakes to get something that your guests are sure to love. If you need to adhere to certain dietary restrictions, you must know that there are several bakeries that would be happy to create gluten-free and vegan wedding cakes too! 

Of late, a popular choice among culinary savant couples is the French show stopping dessert- the croquembouche cake. A pull-apart dessert of little cream-filled puffs wrapped in place with spun sugar, this masterpiece is a delight to your eyes as well as your tastebuds! 

While wedding cupcakes are a common feature at the dessert table, have you heard of a cupcake wedding cake? Again, this is a pull-apart cake where all of your wedding guests can get a cupcake all to themselves- who wouldn’t love that?

Another absolutely luxe style of wedding cake is a chandelier cake– the seemingly upturned wedding cake which appears like it’s hanging off its stands- complete with crystals and lights to get it to resemble a beautiful studded ceiling light. 

When it comes to flavours of cakes, there are a hundred different ways you could go! Cheesecakes are a universal favourite and the cheesecake wedding cake has been a popular choice among couples of late. Without being overly sweet, this type of wedding cake is a guaranteed hit with guests making this a decision that’ll not have you running around in circles! 

Speaking of circles, have you heard of a donut wedding cake? I understand your confusion if you’re wondering how to get Krispy Kreme on your wedding cake, it is a little out there. But it is more common than you’d believe. Give putting a ring on it a whole nother meaning! 

What Style Of Wedding Cake Will Suit My Wedding?

Depending on your wedding venue, you can customise your wedding cake too! Couples are known to love the rustic or country wedding cakes to suit their farmhouse or barn venue or boho wedding cakes for beach weddings.

While some couples prefer simple elegant wedding cakes, a few like to go big with multi-tiered cakes. On the other end of the spectrum, are the funny wedding cakes poking fun at the married couple- a great way to break the ice and get those genuine laughs for your wedding photos! 

Big or small, wedding cakes can be in a variety of shapes. A few beautiful square wedding cake options have been doing the rounds (ironically) on the internet too! Even when it comes to colours, your choices are endless. Whether you go down the conventional route with the white and/or gold wedding cake or want to go the other direction with colourful purple, blue, rose gold or even black wedding cakes! 

How To Choose Between Buttercream and Fondant or Chocolate and Red Velvet For Your Wedding Cake?

Modern or traditional, wedding cakes should, at the end of the day, taste delicious! While a few couples like the good old-fashioned white buttercream icing and mouth-watering chocolate wedding cakes, the industry has made leaps and bounds when it comes to flavours over the past few decades.

Recent times have seen couples opting for customised fondant covered wedding cakes or choosing different flavours like red velvet or lemon and elderflower flavoured wedding cakes! Book a cake tasting and work with your cake maker to find out which one would suit you best.