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Ensure you capture the atmosphere of your wedding through the fun of your guests with wedding photo booth hire

Creative booth Wedding Photo Booths Mayfield NSW

Creative Booth

Mayfield, NSW

What’s a wedding without some scandal? You know, a mischievous wedding party; guests full of confidence juice; Nanna – completely caught up in the thrill of it all.

At Creative Booth, you can start with the essentials and customise your booth with all the trimmings from Neons, Greenery Walls and Shiny Disco Balls to Boomerangs and instant photo strips via SMS.

Make no mistake, Creative Booth is not for the faint of heart. They bring the fun out of all folks. Those who seek entertainment and those willing to create it. Every moment is memorable, they make sure of it.

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Photo Booths Newcastle Bennetts Green NSW

Photo Booths Newcastle Logo Photo Booths Newcastle

Bennetts Green, NSW

Earning laurels as one of the largest photo booth hire businesses in Newcastle, 2012-established Photo Booths Newcastle is a very popular choice among couples considering a photo booth at their wedding.

They have a special ‘Will you marry me?’ package inclusive of friendly attendants, props and unlimited prints along with a digital version of all the photos and videos. They are also pioneers of the Wizpix concept in Australia for an interactive photo booth experience like no other!

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Photobooth Nation Wedding Photo Booth Hire Newcastle NSW

Photobooth Nation

Newcastle, NSW

Family-owned and run Photobooth Nation is a great pick for your wedding photo booth hire needs. Their intention is to make your special day even more memorable with their personalised photo booth services.

Their open-air photo booth setup comes with a variety of backdrops and fun props that your guests are going to truly enjoy posing with. Photobooth Nation is driven towards ensuring that they can capture the magic at your wedding for the guests as it happens.

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Click Tag Print Wedding Photo Booth Newcastle NSW

Click Tag Print

Newcastle, NSW

Click Tag Print (literally an exact description of what they do) is a modern-day Photo Booth, without the photo booth

It lets people use their own phones and the power of Instagram to create beautiful polaroid-style prints they can keep, instantly. All you need is their Live Instagram Printer and a personalised hashtag.

Having Click Tag Print at your wedding is fun and interactive. They can provide props and a selfie backdrop so your guests can get as creative as they want, and can even provide a Roaming Photographer for people who don’t have phones or Instagram. So, go on and Click, Tag, Print!

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Newy Booth Photo Booth for hire Newcastle NSW

Newybooth Photo Booths and More

Newcastle, NSW

A fun photo booth is always a great idea to ensure your guests have a blast at your wedding, and Newybooth is the MVP at this. Make your day an experience to remember with Newybooth! 

Newybooth are extremely versatile and can adapt to your wedding style perfectly; be it rustic, elegant or just plain fun! Photo booth hires from Newybooth are extremely well rated with nothing but 5 STARS! and include everything you could possibly imagine from backdrops, to props, digital copies, a dedicated attendant and unlimited prints.

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The Photo Boothless Wedding Photo Booth Newcastle NSW

The Photo Booth-less

Newcastle, NSW

The Photo Booth-less offers hassle-free, economical options for a fun photo booth setup at your wedding. The friendly staff and customised props will be a guest-favourite and will definitely be a great way for them to take home some memories from your special day.

The Photo Booth-less do photo booths differently. Forget the claustrophobic stuffy photo booths; choose their state-of-the-art open-air options with great lighting instead!

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Newcastle Photobooths Islington NSW

Newcastle Photobooths

Islington, NSW

Since 2012 Newcastle Photobooths has been a leading provider of Photobooths and fun! Servicing Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens and the Central Coast – Newcastle Photobooths is perfect for all types of functions including your wedding.

Newcastle Photobooths provide a unique talking point and endless entertainment for your guests. Each photo strip is also a unique and personal gift for each and every one of your guests! Their designers will even work with you to create unique artwork for your photo strips, turning them into beautiful mementos of your event.

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Mirror Booth Newcastle

Newcastle, NSW

If the conventional photo booth setup at weddings doesn’t hold your fancy, a mirror booth by Mirror Booth Newcastle might. This enchanting modern twist to the photo booth makes it a must-have option

Let your guests come face-to-face with an interactive mirror which will guide them through taking the ultimate selfie keepsake from your wedding, which they can even sign. Plus, the glamorous mirror used by Mirror Booth Newcastle can match the tone of any wedding.

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Azure Creative Wedding Photo Booths Newcastle NSW

Azure Creative

Newcastle, NSW

This Newcastle-based wedding photography company also offers the option of a photo booth setup at your event for a sure shot good time for all of your wedding guests!

The Azure Creative open-air photo booth has fun props and backgrounds to choose from or you can even choose to bring your own. The well-lit booth also includes printing services for guests to take home these fun mementos to remember your wedding by.

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How To Truly Capture Your Day With A Wedding Photo Booth?

While most couples choose the traditional route when it comes to capturing memories of their wedding day with a professional wedding photographer and videographer, the smarter ones (we’re guessing you’re part of this group!) try not to limit the wedding day photographic memories to the couple in focus alone. Enter a wedding photo booth hire.

Wedding guests are a huge part of the wedding and ensuring they leave with a couple of happy memories of your special day is eventually the goal! This is why a wedding photo booth is a must-have for your big day!

It’ll help collect the raw, unfiltered and fun wedding photos of your guests that they can also take home to remember the day by.

You can customise your photo booth to match the tone of your wedding; opt for a rustic photo booth hire, one that is elegant too or one full of funny faces and props. People tend to let loose when they’re away from the wedding photographers in a designated spot with great lighting and props for fun pictures.

Weddings are insanely hectic for the couple getting married. Having these fun photo booth images to look back on will show your guests having a wonderful time.

Our hot tip – during the reception, get your DJ or emcee to announce the presence of the photo booth – there’s nothing worse than paying for it and guests not finding out about it til later in the night.

While conventional wedding photography focuses only on the happy, the best wedding photo booth hires can capture the day as it unfurls – the tipsy, the dancing and the straight-up kooky!

What Does A Wedding Photo Booth Hire Cost?

In Newcastle alone, you have a wide array of options to choose from for wedding photo booth hires. On average, a good photo booth for hire may set you back anywhere between an affordable $500 to an extravagant $1300 or more! This wedding booth hire cost is highly dependent on a couple of factors:

  1. How many hours do you plan on hiring the wedding photo booth for? 

The main factor that controls your wedding photo booth cost is how long you plan on having them around. Most hires have hourly charges (which do not include cost of setup/pack up) and if you’re looking to penny pinch, this is where you could make considerable adjustments.

A good idea would be to set up the wedding photo booth closer to the end of the ceremony when people have loosened up a little and all the formalities are over. That way you get maximum bang for your buck with an hour’s worth of photo booth action.

  1. The regular ol’ photo booth or something unique & modern? 

For the conventional photo booths, there are two options – closed ones that were commonplace at arcades; allowing a few people at a time to take pictures with a fixed number of digital frames and newer open-plan photo booths which can fit in bigger groups of people at once posing against a backdrop with a variety of props.

While both are very much loved, the open-plan photo booths have been a more popular choice owing to their clear advantages over its claustrophobia-inducing predecessor.

Our recent favourite is the mirror booth option where your guests can sign and add their personal touch to the memento all while taking that perfect selfie!

These technologically advanced photo booths which, while on the pricier end, will be something your guests are going to be talking about for a long time to come!

  1. Props & backdrops?

Most photo booth hire companies have a good assortment of backdrops you can select from to pose against.

You could pick one of these to save some money and time. However, if you’d like to personalise your backdrop, there are several fun options that you will love.

One popular option is to create a life-size laser-cut picture of the wedding couple on a stand, so it appears as though the guests are posing with the couple, who may be occupied with wedding-related matters at the time! It is certainly the perfect memento!

As for props, most companies have you covered with those tacky yet fun moustaches, hat and pout cut-outs, a collection of funny hats and feather boas. They may also include a few hashtag related placards for you to hold up and pose with. If you choose to personalise these, it may cost you marginally higher.

Why A Photo Booth Guest Book Is The Best Keepsake For Your Wedding?

The wedding photo booth hire is great for more reasons than one. Yes, the wedding photo booth is one of those amazing ways to make sure that all of your guests get a personalised memento to take home with them to remember your special day but you could even consider your photo booth as a guest book of sorts.

Confused? Some vendors will include options for a guest book where they will stick a copy of each photo strip and ask your guests to leave their well wishes.

Or choose a digital guest book where you can have a camera adjacent to the photo booth for guests to come in and record a digital message conveying their best wishes to the couple.

Consider this as a wedding photo booth album where you get to see your guests appear on screen and leave you a message like they would on a conventional wedding guest book. What’s not to love? It’s sure to be a spectacular keepsake for your wedding!