Wedding Gift Registries

Our top picks for wedding gift registries, whether you’d like to add some homewares for your house or prefer an online gift registry where you can ask for cash or charity donations

wedding nest wedding gift registry

The Wedding Nest

A boutique wedding gift registry specialising in unique gifts that are design and style focused, not available on other registries. At The Wedding Nest, their proposition is that a couples’ wedding registry should style their home. They have an extensive but well edited collection of beautiful homewares, statement furniture and unique artworks – along with the registry basics – collated by four interior design styles.

The Wedding Nest services Australia-wide and helps you curate a look book so that your guests get the feeling that they’ve given you more than just a gift, they’ve lent to the creation of your dream home.

garvan wedding gift registry

Garvan Institute of Medical Research

For those couples who believe they need nothing more than each other, urging guests to make a donation for your wedding is a great way to pile on the blessings. Take your celebration a notch ahead with Garvan Institute’s personalised donation options.

They raise money for medical research with intentions of making a brighter future for society. Forgo the wedding gifts and invest in better cures and treatments!

my gift wedding gift registry

My Gift Registry

My Gift Registry is aimed towards making your wedding registry process a whole lot simpler. There online registry is a quick 5-minute process online with clever tools to help you along the way.

You needn’t feel bound to one store to pick items for your registry with My Gift Registry, because you’ll receive the guests’ gifts as gift cards so you can pick out your favourite things from your favourite stores.

They have ‘Wishing Well’ options too! So, what are you waiting for?

easy wedding gift registry logo

Easy Registry

A special day, a special registry! Simply add items you like to your registry from any store and your guests can make a contribution of as little or as much as they’d like towards their gift of choice.

You get all the gifts as cash, so this truly is an easy registry- with no need to lock in prices or items. It’s as easy as 1-2-3, with Easy Registry!

zank wedding gift registry

Zank You

Zank You makes it very simple to create a wedding registry with gifts of your liking. Whether it’s something for your future home or part of your honeymoon funds, you get exactly what you like.

They also create custom cards that you can send out with your wedding invitations, and your guests can contribute as per their liking. When you’re ready, you’ll have the cash on your PayPal to spend on what you want. Thank you, Zank You!

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Why A Wedding Registry Is Great For Both Couples and Guests?

Weddings are a celebration and a celebration usually calls for gifts. Wedding guests arriving with gifts is an age-old tradition, and it’s a sentiment appreciated by the couple getting married. However, for over two decades now, the concept of a wedding registry has become mainstream to weddings in Australia and for good reason. Here are the reasons why a wedding gift registry makes things so much easier for the couple as well as guests!

For the couple:

  • A little help to decorate your future home together is always appreciated

This one is for the traditional wedding registries. Couples usually ring up items that suit their style and aesthetic to fulfill a need for their future home. Be it cutlery, appliances or linens, ringing it up on your wedding registry means you’re getting an extra hand on setting up your home, and after the wedding big-budget-blowout, a little help goes a long way!

  • What you wish for, you just might get it! 

You choose everything on your registry, so it is the perfect equation. No more ugly bright blue fish-shaped ceramic bowls and other atrocious dinnerware. You get exactly what you ask for.

  • Online cash-based gift registry options allow couples to recover what they might have spent on the wedding 

Weddings are never a cheap affair but they are a beautiful day to cherish sharing your love with your nearest and dearest. A wedding registry can help couples to recoup some money spent on the wedding to help with their new home, honeymoon or even the wedding itself.

  • A little funding for the honeymoon with a wishing well bridal registry wouldn’t hurt 

Wishing wells at weddings are very common but you know what’s better? An online wishing well gift registry! Whether you want money for the honeymoon or for any other reason, they work out wonderfully online. You can send in a request for a wishing well donation along with your wedding invitation, so people needn’t even drop in envelopes in a wishing well box after your reception. This is a safer and better option, without a doubt.

  • If you’re financially stable, redirect your wedding gifts towards a donation to your favourite charity 

There are a few couples who are more than happy with what they have and prefer to extend the joy of their wedding day to others. Couples can opt to request guests to make donations to their favourite charity instead of handing over gifts and this can be done via your gift registry.

For the guests:

  • Redundant gifts no more 

What’s worse than an uninvited guest? An unwanted gift! Do away with the second-hand gifts and getting the couple something awfully redundant by just picking something off their handpicked wedding registry. That way, you get them something you know they will love and use.

  • Guests get to work on their own budget 

Everyone has budget constraints and that’s okay. The versatility of items on the gift registry allows guests to pick exactly what budget they would be willing to spend, while getting you something you’re sure to love.

  • An online wedding registry makes shopping a whole lot easier

Do away with the confusion of heading to a store and scratching your head to find that perfect gift. With an online wedding registry, it’s as simple as a few clicks to pick and purchase the gift!

What Are The Different Types of Registry Options?

There are several different types of wedding gift registry options that exist in Australia today. You could opt for the traditional wedding registries where you head out to a store, arm yourself with a scanner gun and feel the rush of picking out items that you’d like for your home. Your bridal registry need not be restricted to one store- online registries give you the flexibility to pick from different stores and get gift vouchers, at the end of the day.

More and more couples nowadays have been inclining towards a cash-based online gift registry which allows couples the freedom to do as they please with the money. This is especially helpful for couples who have been living together already and do not need much help redecorating their home.

An addition to this popular thought process amongst couples is the wishing well wedding registry where couples can request their guests to leave cash presents to be used towards their honeymoon or experiences. A few couples even opt to donate the money to charities they support.

How Does A Wedding Registry Work?

Whether you choose an offline or online wedding gift registry, the method on how a bridal registry works is the same. After a couple chooses a store or website to plan out their gift registry, they pick out items that they like or request their guests to send cash either to help them out with wedding expenses or the honeymoon or their preferred charity. In case of store-based registries, the list gets updated once a guest purchases something off the list to prevent repeats.

While registries before were restricted to one shop, things have changed monumentally now. Online gift registries nowadays even come with the option of getting your friends and family to send in cash as gifts which get transferred to your account for you to use, however you please. This works especially great for couples who already live together and do not want things for their home but would appreciate the help for the life together after the wedding.

Wedding Registry Ideas – What Gifts Should We Request?

It is common to feel intimidated by the sheer volume of options to choose from when it comes to finalising your wedding gift registry.

First up it’s important to pick out a store that carries items you like. If you’re going traditional gifts like homewares, make sure you mix it up so there is something to suit every guest’s budget from expensive cookware all the way down to the salt and pepper shakers and other low-cost items. It’s nice to get some beautiful items you would never buy yourself like a crystal vase but don’t forget to request the essentials too!

Alternatively, there’s nothing wrong with wanting an upgrade on your kitchen appliances, linens or cutlery, just like there’s nothing wrong with requesting cash from your guests for a memorable honeymoon. It is important to request what you feel most comfortable with and something you both know would feel special to receive as a wedding gift!