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Diamonds are a bride’s best friend. Get a wedding ring that really sparkles from one of Newcastle’s best rates jewellers

Craig Hilton Manufacturing Jeweller Wedding ring sets Newcastle NSW

Craig Hilton Manufacturing Jeweller

19 Bolton Street Newcastle, NSW 2300

Craig Hilton is one of the few Newcastle-based jewellers that makes creating a wedding ring a process that you are a part of throughout. Sit with them to brainstorm ideas and showcase designs you fancy, then sit back as they go about sourcing exceptional gemstones and creating a show-stopper of a wedding ring.

The team at Craig Hilton are particular about taking everything into account to create that perfect family heirloom.

CALL 02 4929 5562

Enigma Jewellers Diamond Wedding Bands Newcastle West and Stockland Glendale NSW

Enigma Jewellers

Shop 20/21 Marketown, Newcastle, NSW

Family-owned and operated, Enigma Jewellers is a trusted local jewellery store that specialises in creating custom pieces using your ideas! They are extremely passionate about what they do and the resulting wedding ring will be one that is unique, exquisite and timeless.

Choose from their in-house range of wedding rings or design a customised piece and transform your wedding ring dreams into reality.

CALL 02 4929 4417

Studio Melt Custom Wedding Rings Newcastle NSW

Studio Melt

119 Hunter Street, Newcastle NSW 2300

If you’re not one for conventional diamond wedding rings, then Studio Melt is the wedding ring destination for you!

Run by local jewellers specialising in alternative designs, this contemporary Newcastle-based jewellery store is a crowd-favourite. It is hard not to fall in love with their stunning collection of wedding rings. What’s best is that they list the names of the artists who create the ring making it easier for you to narrow in on a design style you like.

CALL 02 4927 0880

Natalie Kube Fine Jewellery womans and mens wedding rings Newcastle NSW

Natalie Kube Fine Jewellery

Newcastle, NSW

For the challenging process of picking a wedding ring that’s right for you, you want someone who understands exactly what goes into creating your dream ring. That’s where you need someone like Natalie Kube Fine Jewellery.

You may be confused regarding which cut you want, which stone you’d like to place, what metal it must rest on and its overall design. Natalie Kube Fine Jewellery’s bespoke wedding ring creation services allows you to get a ring that you’ll truly love.

CALL 0415 407 333

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Whitakers Jewellers

93 Darby St, Newcastle NSW 2300

In the jewellery business since 1903, Whitakers has earned itself the reputation of being Newcastle’s favourite jeweller.

They believe that with every wedding ring, they create a moment in time and hence, every single piece from Whitakers is personal to the team. With the most spectacular selection of diamond rings to choose from and options to create bespoke pieces, you’re guaranteed to get exactly what you want!

Trust Whitakers to transform your ‘I Do’ to a beautiful dream come true!

CALL 02 4927 0100

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Choosing The Perfect Wedding Bands For Women?

Picking out a wedding ring is a big deal. Not only is it one of the many ways you make things official on your wedding day but it’s something that will be around for the rest of your life, perhaps making its way to future generations as well. Wedding rings for you and your significant other should be the most special pieces of jewellery you own.

The thing with wedding bands is that there is so many to choose from. While the options for men may seem a little more limited in terms of styles, metals and stones, choices for wedding bands for women are plenty. To make it easier and narrow down your options, let’s explore wedding bands for women from a few different categories: 

  1. Bespoke or in-store options?

It’s not uncommon for couples to want to create something unique to celebrate their day of love. Many jewellers are happy to sit down with you and your significant other to get an idea of exactly what would work best for you. However, if you’re short on time or not particularly picky on which wedding ring you’d like, then look through the in-store choices for wedding rings in your style. You never know, you may find the one! 

  1. Simple or fancy?

Some people prefer timeless looks when it comes to purchasing a wedding band whereas others may be more drawn to a vintage wedding band, which often looks a little more extravagant.

Simpler designs are better for people who will be sporting the band for all occasions. While, fancier designs are great if you will be stashing away your ring in your closet and using it only on special occasions. This is why it is important to consider all scenarios when you choose a wedding band. 

  1. Cut’ to the chase!

When it comes to the wedding ring, the first thing that comes to mind is the shape of the stone. Will you be splurging on a custom engraved wedding band with a few carats or would a thin wedding band with a string of smaller diamonds suit you better?

If you have eventually zeroed in on a style, another thing you have to look into is the cut of the gemstone itself. Do you believe in keeping it simple or want to up the ante with one of the pricier cuts for diamonds?

For a minimalistic yet elegant look, pave or baguette wedding bands, where the stones are lined up around the front of the ring, are very popular.  

If you want to go all out and bling it out, our suggestions would be opting for an emerald cut or a teardrop wedding ring. For shapes, oval and square wedding rings are loved by most but of late the pear-shaped engagement rings to go with wedding bands are a lovely look too. 

  1. Pedal to the Metal – silver, gold, rose gold, other? 

The metal out of which the wedding bands are made has to be considered too. Traditionally yellow gold wedding bands were the go-to. However, these days, rose gold wedding bands, white gold or even platinum are popular choices.

Our recommendation would be to keep the same metal for your partner and your wedding rings. It is also a good option to choose a metal that suits your lifestyle. For example, tungsten rings can be more scratch proof.

If you both have a similar skin tone, it is a possibility to opt for a metal that best suits your complexions. For some this is a beautiful rose gold diamond wedding band and for others you will prefer a classic plain white gold wedding band.

Other options include platinum and silver wedding rings. If you’re looking to keep costs down, then silver wedding rings are a good option.

  1. Is your choice of gem cast in stone?

For a wedding ring, though not absolutely necessary, you could choose for stunning gemstones to be embedded. Diamond wedding bands are the classic choice for most couples, but a few people have been exploring the option to play with colours. 

Pink diamond, emerald, opal, sapphire or ruby wedding bands have slowly made their way into the mainstream too! 

What Type Of Ring Is Best For A Men’s Wedding Band?

While there are several options for women’s wedding rings, choices for men’s wedding bands are quite limited. Usually (and rather unfortunately) they come as an afterthought to their counterpart’s.

Men’s diamond rings are often seen on celebrities today but may be on the flashier side for most grooms and hence most stick to the more popular titanium or tungsten rings.

Our only suggestion would be to match the metal and the colours of your ring to your partners for a more cohesive look. You could also get both your names and wedding date engraved on the inside of the ring as a reminder of the special day.

Is It Best To Get Individual Rings Or A Wedding Ring Set?

Again, for a more cohesive look, opting for a wedding ring set would be your best bet. If you plan on stacking your wedding and engagement ring, then look at options that would best suit the one that he proposed with.

Speaking purely from a cost perspective, the approach of opting for an engagement ring with wedding band may even be a little easier on your budget, since you’d be getting them from the same store and in a package deal.

We also prefer this option to getting individual rings as you’d be able to ascertain exactly how to style them beforehand. The only drawback to buying a bridal wedding ring set is possibly the fewer options available in-store.

The wedding ring with an engagement band is something that you will be sporting on your ring finger for a long time to come, so make sure that it is something you absolutely adore.

What is the symbolism behind a Russian wedding ring?

Russian wedding rings have been around for over a century and are a minimalistic yet elegant and meaningful style for wedding rings. They are three metallic rings fused together as one which appear to roll over one another in a poetic manner, earning it the name Trinity ring. 

The Trinity ring holds symbolism in Christianity pertaining to the Holy Trinity. However, some people draw parallels between the ring and the three timelines of past, present and future for the couple. 

What Is The Average Wedding Ring Price?

Wedding ring prices can be anywhere between $1000 to the millions, based on just how extravagant you’d like to get. A ballpark average figure for wedding ring price in Australia is around $6000.

You may be surprised to know that not all celebrities choose million-dollar wedding rings. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis splurged on their engagement rings but chose to buy their wedding rings off Etsy for a steal of a price instead. So, it’s entirely your call on how much you’d be willing to shell out on a wedding ring.