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Peonies Boutique Wedding stylists Warners Bay NSW

Peonies Boutique Weddings

Warners Bay, NSW

Peonies Boutique Weddings is a full service wedding studio, who will assist you from start to finish in planning everything aesthetic for your big day. The studio is home to one of Newcastle and The Hunter Valley’s leading wedding design and planning teams.

Peonies have had a rich career for over twenty years in the wedding industry. They have captured the Newcastle and Hunter Valley wedding market as industry professionals in creating luxurious floral designs, styling stunning spaces, designing bespoke stationery, sourcing prestigious props and assisting you with practical planning advice.

CALL 0433 224 710 

The Wedding Designer Maryville NSW

The Wedding Designer

Georgetown, NSW

From an intimate wedding ceremony in your garden to elaborate gatherings and everything in between, The Wedding Designer team can do it all.

Their efficient and creative wedding planners and stylists will match your vision of a dream wedding while also making it ‘spectacularly stress-free’.

This one-stop shop for all your wedding planning needs ensures that you can ACTUALLY spend your wedding day celebrating and enjoying, as you should!

CALL (02) 4960 8095

Jade McIntosh Flowers Wedding stylist Carrington NSW

Jade Mcintosh Flowers & Styling

Carrington, NSW

For a wedding that has stand out styling elements which are perfectly reflective of the celebrating couple’s personality, Jade Mcintosh Flowers and Styling and their bespoke packages have you covered. 

Watch your vision transform into reality without having to put in the work with their amazing range of event-related items to hire. They specialise in creating beautiful events that stem from the client’s ideas and their 20+ years of experience will guarantee an unforgettable wedding setting. 

CALL 1300 944 040

Cinderina Weddings and Events Glendale

Cinderina Weddings and Event Hire

Glendale, NSW

If you want to create a fairy tale, picture-perfect wedding day, Cinderina Weddings and Event Hire makes this a reality. Trust your day to someone truly passionate about wedding planning and styling.

Their passion reflects in their attention to detail when it comes to styling an event of your dreams. Beach locations, multicultural events, luxury weddings- they’ve done it all.

CALL 0417 671 132

Envious Events Wedding Style and Hire Stockton NSW

Envious Events Style and Hire

Stockton, NSW

Choose from one of four wedding styling packages from Envious Events Style and Hire to transform your wedding ceremony and reception dreams into a reality.

Their efficient and experienced team is one that’s filled with perfectionists who believe in mastering the details to celebrate your love story with the pomp it deserves. Former brides rave about their styling and floristry skills, all the more reason for you to choose Envious Events Style and Hire for your wedding!

CALL 0409 086 160

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BWE Wedding Stylists

Merewether, NSW

Wondering what BWE stands for? This Newcastle-based wedding stylists’ name describes exactly what they promise you – Best Weddings Ever!

The team at BWE provide bespoke luxury wedding items for hire. Their specialty lies in styling the (highly-photographed) Bridal Table with several packages to best suit the tone of your event.

BWE promises that their bespoke items which will style the event are sure to make your wedding look great!

CALL 0408 608 495

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Whimsical Fox Events

Carrington, NSW

Weddings are a very special occasion and Whimsical Fox Events lend them an air of extra-special with their supreme styling services. For an element of fun, that dreamy vintage vibe, boho bubbliness or rustic romance, they have just the package for you. 

Manifest your wedding visions with Whimsical Fox Events – they don’t mind getting down and dirty to make your wedding day up there and flirty! 

CALL 0401 221 292

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Exotic Lily Events

Mayfield West, NSW

For some beautiful designs which stand out from the rest, no matter the style you prefer, Exotic Lily Events is most certainly your best bet. With 12+ years of experience in lending their styling touch to weddings, they are a designer decorating boutique who have earned a name for themselves. 

When you hire Exotic Lily Events, you are assured a designer and a creative team who will collaborate and create the wedding of your dreams! 

CALL 0409 033 293

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How A Wedding Event Planner Can Ensure A Stress-Free Wedding Day?

A great wedding planner is most often a jack of all trades – they know how to plan, coordinate and execute! Wedding planning can be stressful and it can be a good option to outsource what could be a potential source of a headache for you, to someone who is an expert.

If you intend on hiring a wedding planner, you should feel your troubles melt away one-by-one on the first meeting with them. Usually, the first discussion involves them getting an idea of your vision for your big day and putting forth an outline on how it can be transformed into reality.

This is most often the toughest part of the job. Whilst most couples have an inkling of how they want their wedding to be, they might not necessarily understand if it is a viable option to fit their budget. Wedding event planners, especially those experienced in the field, can offer solutions to alter your vision into something all-the-more magical while remaining within your proposed budget.

If you’re in the dark about wedding vendors, they can also offer you a list of vendors to pick from to suit your style and budget while negotiating contracts on your behalf.

As the wedding day inches closer, your wedding coordinator will definitely be on your speed dial to iron out any challenges you may face. They become a commonplace feature at your wedding venue, a place you’d not be able to be at all the time as you may be occupied taking care of your guests, ensuring that everything remains in line with your vision.

On the wedding day, your personalised wedding planner will orchestrate the event and make sure that you and your guests have a day to remember for all the right reasons.

All-in-all, hiring a wedding planner is a wise option sure to make your special day one that is stress-free for you and your close relatives.

What Is The Difference Between A Wedding Planner and Wedding Stylist?

If you didn’t already know, planning a wedding definitely gets you a whole new understanding of professions previously unheard of. Wedding planners and wedding stylists often have integral yet distinct roles to play in making your wedding day one that is visually appealing and an event that runs smoothly.

The main difference between wedding planners and wedding stylists is the work each professional does, details of which we go into below.

Wedding Planning 

Dealing with the Who, What & Where for a wedding with minimal hiccups! 

Wedding planners use your vision of the wedding as a starting point to plan out everything from the vendors needed to hire and (penning out their contracts), logistics of the day and all the nuances that go behind planning your wedding day, all while strictly adhering to your proposed budget.

Wedding planners get you in touch with highly recommended vendors and organise tastings, fittings and tours as needed. It would be a good idea to accompany your wedding event planner once the vendors are finalised so you know exactly who you’re working with.

Gone are the days when you had to stress over floor plans, the logistics of the inpouring guests and the event flow, an efficient wedding planner lessens your load allowing you to make the most of your time running up to D-Day!

Wedding Styling

Dealing with the How to make your wedding ceremony one that is visually stunning!

The role of a wedding stylist is purely rooted in aesthetics! A wedding day is one of those special moments in a couple’s journey which is looked back upon fondly, and the job of this professional is to make this an incredible setting for this major milestone.

Wedding stylists, along with the wedding planners, finetune floor plans, centrepieces, flowers, attire – you name it and you best bet they’re helping you pick something that’ll fit right in with your theme.

It’s more than just colours – their job encompasses details in lighting, textures and patterns. It’s about finding the balance between the common thread of wedding traditions and the quirk that makes a couple unique. A wedding stylist’s artistic eye can transform a seemingly simple space into one that’ll bowl your guests (and you) over!

These days you’ll often find, wedding planners and stylists can be all in one, with either a team with various jobs from booking vendors to putting the final flowers in place or sometimes a single person doing everything from designing your dream look to actually booking all the props and styling it up on the day.

What Wedding Setup Is Done By An On-The-Day Coordinator?

Quite a trend in the world of weddings, is the hiring of an On-The-Day Wedding Coordinator. You will have seen movies with people running around, earpieces on, who only seem to release a sigh of relief at the end of a wedding reception- they’re most definitely the on-the-day wedding coordinators!

For couples with a longer timeline to plan their big day, wedding planners are a good option but for those running short of wedding planning time, on-the-day wedding coordinators can have you covered by being the sole point of contact!

While some couples choose to hire an on-the-day wedding coordinator in addition to their wedding planner, others opt to only hire a coordinator. The latter is most often the case for couples who end up looking after all the preparations for their own wedding. In such instances, wedding coordinators come as lifesavers, so that the bride(s) and/or groom(s) needn’t worry about the day’s proceedings.

Their job begins with confirming with vendors and making sure they make it to the right place at the right time for the wedding. They also coordinate with the family to ensure vendor payments are in place and with the final confirmation of the guest counts.

Their other main duty is making sure everything is set up from ceremony chairs and aisle runners to florals and candles at the reception. Sometimes this is looked after by the coordinator of the venue(s) but if you are using a park or beach etc for the day then you may need an on-the-day coordinator to bring all the bits together for you.

There are several other duties related to the wedding setup which crop up for wedding coordinators to look into, unique to the event in question, an example of which is having dogs at weddings.

Lots of couples are choosing to have their dogs at weddings as ring bearers. Animals are anything but predictable and the couple may, most probably, have their hands full. On-the-day wedding coordinators can have their assistants look after the couple’s pet till as such time it has to be led down the aisle.

The seamless playing out of the wedding ceremony and reception with minimal hiccups on the day of, that’s the goal of a wedding coordinator!