Wedding Cake Toppers – Newcastle, NSW

Celebrate your cute couple story or just complete the look of your wedding cake with a stunning, floral or cute custom cake topper

Newcastle Custom Cake Toppers Maryland NSW

Newcastle Custom Cake Toppers

Maryland, NSW

No matter what your style of wedding is, we guarantee that wonky icing spelling out your names is not exactly the vision anyone has for their wedding cake! Newcastle Custom Cake Toppers, as their name suggests, offers gorgeous, personalised options for that much-needed wedding cake upgrade!

Customised wedding cake toppers are all the rage now- and more than just a trend, these timeless and elegant toppers can elevate your wedding cake like nothing else can!

A La Roch Cake Toppers Belmont North, NSW

A La Roch Cakes

Belmont North, NSW

À la Roch has a range of designed cake toppers that will transform your next cake into a masterpiece.

Choose a pre-designed cake topper or engage Rochelle to create a custom, personalised cake topper from a brief you provide to make your engagement, wedding or anniversary memorable.

Their product range includes acrylic and wooden cake toppers that are food safe and you can use again and again.

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Cupids Cake Decorations

2/90 Belford St, Broadmeadow NSW

Have you searched all of Pinterest and not been impressed by the overdone text and two-dimensional wedding cake toppers?

A DIY cake topper is the way to go for all artsy couples! Enter Cupid’s Cake Decorations- our favourite has to be the cute lovebirds 3D mould or the Bling Mrs and Mrs acrylic wedding cake topper!

Another great thing about choosing Cupid’s Cake Decorations is the option of getting a loyalty card. Guess you’ve got your cake decoration needs sorted for all your celebrations to come!

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Shindigs Wedding Cake Toppers Lambton NSW


3/31 Griffiths Rd, Lambton NSW 2299

These days it’s not uncommon to see a central multi-tiered wedding cake with cupcakes surrounding it for guests to enjoy. Instead of just having the ‘Mr & Mrs’ topper on the main cake, available on the Shindigs website, think about having little wedding cake toppers on the cupcakes as well to lend to the entire look!

The best part is just how inexpensive this option can prove to be! Light on the pocket and beautiful on the cake – what more could you ask for?

For great advice and lots of great Wedding & Engagement cake toppers shop in store at Lambton or on the Shindigs website.

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Custom Cake Toppers To Suit Your Wedding Theme?

If you’re celebrating a one-of-a-kind love story, your wedding cake shouldn’t be topped with one of those seen-before-a-million-times cake toppers! Custom cake toppers are the way to go! There are heaps of choices for cake toppers including – 2D or 3D, text or figurines, serious or funny- the options are endless.

You can get a wedding cake topper made to suit your event’s theme just perfectly. If you like to play things safe but still want a personalised wedding cake topper, a really great option is to get a “Mr and Mrs” topper with your future last name on it. Another really fun option is to get the cake topper to read out your unique wedding hashtag!

There are several vendors across Newcastle who can get this made for you in either wood or in acrylic, and in a colour of your choice. For a rustic wedding, wood would blend really well into your theme. Acrylics can be modified to suit any tone or style- the most popular and classic ones are those with the text spelt out in gold or silver. As far as custom wedding cake toppers go, this would be your cheapest bet too!

When it comes to ready to buy wedding cake toppers, you’re stuck choosing from a set of couples which may not necessarily represent your significant others and you as a couple. Same sex couples, mature couples or couples with kids and pets feel like they don’t get exactly what they want when it comes to celebrating their love atop the wedding cake.

This is where a personalised wedding cake topper can be curated to best suit your needs! They definitely cost more than your standard options, but it’s something that can make its way from the top of your wedding cake, into your memory box for future generations to celebrate or perhaps even bought out each anniversary.

Choosing Flower Cake Toppers For A Stunning Wedding Cake?

A really dainty and stunning option for those bespoke wedding cake toppers are flowers. This is especially perfect for spring weddings. It is a wonderful way to add floral accents to your wedding without overdoing it and breaking the bank!

If you are someone who knows your way around fabric and a glue gun, you could very well consider making your own do-it-yourself floral cake topper, in line with your wedding theme.

Another option is to use real flowers as your cake topper. Pinterest and YouTube have a host of these creative people showing you exactly how it’s done. You can also proudly boast about how you’ve made your wedding cake topper all by yourself!

However, if you lack that creative bone in your body, then there are several local vendors that create custom wedding cake toppers for you. Yes, a DIY wedding cake topper may grant you bragging rights, but it definitely doesn’t grant you the finesse that comes when professionals do what they do best!

Our suggestion would be to pick flowers that are edible (yes, many of these exist) and are of a colour that suit your theme. You could also spruce it up with a hint of gold food paint and gold foil for that luxe appearance. Choices on placement are plentiful – they could rest on top of your cake just as is, or be placed on a coil shaped like a halo, or sit on top of skewers to make them look like little flowers in a field.

Floral cake toppers, no matter what people say, are a sure shot way to get those resonating ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ from your guests.

How To Show Off Your Couple Story With A Funny Wedding Cake Topper?

Weddings are high-stress situations and definitely no laughing matter, but a funny cake topper is always a great way to break the ice. For those quirky and unconventional couples with a sense of humour, funny wedding cake toppers are a hilarious way to get a couple of laughs at your wedding reception.

These hilarious additions atop your wedding cake are going to be one of the highlights in your wedding album. Ranging from subtly funny to the outright outrageous, choose a funny wedding custom cake topper to tell your story as a couple. It could be about how many frogs the bride had to kiss before she got her Prince or that frisky couple who couldn’t get their hands off each other during the ceremony and wait a few hours for the honeymoon! Let the hilarity ensue.

Why Bridal Shower Cake Toppers Are All the Rage?

While there is always a lot of buzz surrounding wedding cakes, barely anyone ever talks about bridal shower cakes and their toppers. While the actual bridal shower is often a day filled with lots of alcohol and not a lot of memory recall, things do actually begin in quite a decent manner before the champagne starts flowing. This is when you’d most likely cut a cake, so let’s talk about that perfect bride-to-be cake topper for you!

Often, the bridal shower ends up being a surprise party from your sisters and friends, but if there’s an idea you like, you could always send them a few across before it happens?

Keeping it family-friendly for the first few options, a lovely option for a bridal shower cake topper is a laser-cut one which bears text reading ‘She said yes’, ‘Bride-to-be’, ‘Just engaged’ or ‘Ms to Mrs’. We also love the ones with cute bunting on top of the cake reading out these phrases.

Exploring the more risqué territory when it comes to bride-to-be cake toppers, a few favourite phrases are ‘Sh*t just got real’, ‘Same p*nis forever’ or our personal favourite – ‘Let’s party, b*tches’!

Whatever you choose, bridal shower cake toppers are all the rage now – in a setting with beautiful decorations and your girls and you all dressed up in their best, a beautiful bridal shower cake and topper is a must!

We’re all about fun and love the juxtaposition of a pastel coloured fondant or buttercream cake with a bride-to-be cake topper reading out a tongue-in-cheek statement, or something that’ll make you blush! Anything to get the party started!