Wedding Car Hire and Transport – Newcastle, NSW

Enjoy a glass of champagne and arrive in style with the perfect wedding car hire and transport options

Hunter Valley Kombi for Weddings Lambton NSW

Hunter Valley Kombi

Lambton, NSW

For that perfect touch of vintage to your wedding, why not get to and from your venue in a Kombi from Hunter Valley Kombi?

It’s a guaranteed way to up the cool factor by a few notches on the most special day of your life. While they look vintage, they run just as a brand-new van would. Rest assured; the kombis are restored to perfect working condition.

Perfect for a Newcastle beach wedding. Make an entrance (or exit) in old-world style! Self-drive options are available.

CALL 0439 481 494

Arrive First Class Wedding Transport Cardiff NSW

Arrive First Class

Cardiff, NSW

In Newcastle, if you intend on hiring a luxury car for your wedding, Arrive First Class should definitely be on the top of your choice list.

With luxury cars including hummers, as well as helicopter hire. They understands just how important your wedding day is to you and work hard on creating an unforgettable experience.

Even better is you can pick from one of the three packages they offer to find one that fits your needs and budget.

CALL 0421 036 280

Newcastle Limousines Wedding Car Hire Maquarie Hills NSW

Newcastle Limousines

Macquarie Hills, NSW

Complete with wedding decorations of ribbons, white tulle and a bow, Newcastle Limousines is the red-carpet ready option for your wedding day.

And we mean red-carpet ready in the most literal sense of the word- watch as your uniformed chauffeur opens up the door to a red carpet laid out to make you feel like a celebrity on the most special day of your life.

CALL 02 4956 6447

Spring Hire Cars for Weddings Newcastle NSW

Spring Hire Cars

Newcastle, NSW

A little extravagance in the mix of all things wedding is granted and why not splurge on a chauffeur driven luxury car from Spring Hire Cars? 

The luxe leather-seated cars decorated with ribbons and a chauffeur on offer will add that extra touch of grandeur to your wedding day. The hourly wedding packages are great value for money and the perfect grand entrance and exit! 

CALL 0402 447 335

Foreshore Kombi Hire for Weddings Newcastle NSW

Foreshore Kombi Hire

Newcastle, NSW

What’s the best option for a vintage wedding car hire? For sure, it’s Foreshore Kombi! Kombis are very popular amongst couples nowadays to arrive at the wedding venue in style.

A van kombi with oodles of style and vintage charm for your vintage-themed wedding is the 1967 original “Splitty Splitty Bang Bang”. Round off the kombi van hire with loads of couple portraits against the turquoise green and cream exterior of this vintage beauty.

CALL 0423 202 962

Aero Logistics Mayfield West NSW Wedding Transport

Aero Logistics

Mayfield West, NSW

Want to make a grand entrance on your wedding day and really wow your guests? Newcastle based, Aero Logistics can ensure a spectacular arrival to your ceremony or reception with one of their glamourous helicopter fleet. 

You’ll be in safe hands with Newcastle’s most established and experienced helicopter company. Enjoy a serene moment with your new partner, access some amazing or far off photography locations and arrive or depart your wedding in style. 

CALL (02) 4960 9322

Classic Limousines Newcastle Wedding Car Hire Croudace Bay NSW

Classic Limousines Newcastle

Croudace Bay, NSW

Enjoy chauffeur driven luxury for your wedding day with Classic Limousines Newcastle. Established in the Hunter over 25 years ago – formerly Absolute Vintage Elegance.

Their classic limousines from the 1960’s are able to transport 6 passengers in air-conditioned comfort. Covering Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens and the Central Coast.

Talk to Eddy or Katryna and they will ensure a stunning arrival for the bridal party, beautiful cars and exceptional service.

CALL 0410 508 048

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Newcastle Hire Cars

Waratah, NSW

Newcastle Hire Cars have earned themselves a reputation for being the longest-running hire car service for weddings and other events in the Newcastle & Hunter Valley region.

The plush range of wedding cars from 1948-established Newcastle Hire Cars are perfect for that extra touch of luxury on your wedding day. Great service from their friendly chauffeurs is guaranteed and undeniable style is an assurance.

CALL (02) 4960 1800

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Dollface Garage

Warners Bay, NSW

Dollface Garage prides themselves with bringing to your wedding the added glamour and beauty of American classic cars.

The undeniable allure of a vintage American car can take a simple wedding and make it into an all-together glamorous affair.

If you still need convincing, then their previous clients’ testimonials are sure to rush you into booking one of the classic cars from Dollface Garage for your ceremony.

CALL 0408 203 948

What Types Of Wedding Car Hire Or Transport Can We Have For Our Wedding?

Getting to and from your wedding venue is one of those things you could easily miss on your checklist of things you need, but you’ll not know just how important it is to choose a good wedding car hire until you actually get about to doing it. While some people just choose to decorate their own station wagons with ribbons and bows, other people prefer opting for one of the many luxury options of wedding cars which can be hired in the market today.

Getting a somewhat unique wedding car is going to guarantee those joyful smiles on your bridal party, your family, your significant other and your faces on your wedding day! Let’s take a look at all of the options for wedding transportation that you could choose for your big day in Australia.

On the Road towards being Happily Married 

The most chosen option by couples for wedding transportation is a classic wedding car. It’s relatively cost-effective and you get exactly what you would expect from a classic wedding car hire. Within the range of cars, your options are unlimited! From luxury limousines to that spectacular Rolls Royce wedding car- there are so many to pick from. Let’s explore the lesser known options when it comes to wedding car hires.

Our first pitch would be to get a good-ol’ wedding kombi to lend that vintage touch to your event. These restored kombis for weddings can hold more people than your average wedding car hire and lend an undeniable old-world charm to all of your wedding pictures!

On the other hand, vintage luxury is an option too with beautiful American vintage wedding car hires! Vintage wedding cars have always been popular among couples as they seem to blend into almost every theme of wedding there is.

And a Busload of family members to follow

While your conventional wedding car hires may be enough to transport a select few from your house to your venue and back, you may need to think about wedding bus hire. Air-conditioned convenience to your wedding venue will definitely grant you the goodwill of your guests, setting the tone just right for the wedding. And best of all, no latecomers!

Sky’s the Limit

When we say sky’s the limit, we mean it. A wedding helicopter hire may seem a little too cinematic and unaffordable, but it isn’t a far-fetched dream. This is definitely one of the lesser-known ways to make an entrance on your wedding day and what better day to splurge!

How Many Cars Do You Need For Your Wedding?

This is entirely dependent on how big your friend circle and bridal party is! There’s no fixed number or secret formula when it comes to finalising how many wedding cars you’ll need to hire. Wedding transport could vary in the style (which we tackled above), numbers (which we answer here) and cost (which we look into in the next question).

When we first think of a wedding car hire, what comes to mind is the ornately decorated bridal car carrying the decked-up bride and her closest friends to the wedding venue. But that’s not all. You need to think of a wedding car for your parents and the grooms party too.

Three factors help shape how many cars you need for your wedding. First and foremost, exactly how much you’re willing to spend on wedding transportation. Following closely behind, how far apart your pickup location is from the ceremony and reception address. Then, you’ll have to consider how many people you have to get back and forth including family and bridal party wedding transport. Keeping all of this in mind, you can easily narrow down to the exact number of wedding cars you need to hire.

A minimum number of wedding cars you need to hire is two. One of the cars will have the bridal party and brides’ parents, while the second car would take the groomsmen. For people who want to transport the rest of their extended family with them, a wedding bus hire is a great option, instead of hiring many more cars.

How Much Should We Expect To Spend On Wedding Car Hire?

The wedding car rental is a frequently sidelined aspect in wedding planning, but it is something that will definitely ensure a smooth flow of events. Planning beforehand exactly how many people you need to transport will make sure that there are no hiccups on the actual day. It is already a day with a lot of nerves and you don’t need an added nuisance of your important family and friends missing out on chunks of the ceremony and reception just because they couldn’t get to the location in time.

It is tough to put a ballpark figure on wedding car hire prices since they are highly dependent on how many wedding cars or what kind of wedding cars you hire, but for the conventional two car hire with one of them being a luxury one to transport the bride, it could ring up close to $1000. This wedding car hire cost could definitely edge up if you plan on getting a vintage car or a Rolls Royce or a limo to make your statement arrival in. Will your significant other also be making their way to the venue in a similar car? Do not forget to discuss details beforehand.

A cheap wedding car hire may be a good option provided that it is safe and clean. Make sure you read reviews of the companies you zero in on and are reassured about justifying how much you’ll be spending on their services.