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Get a unique or beautiful bomboniere with wedding favour ideas from our favourite suppliers

Giftware Direct Wedding Favours Cardiff NSW

Giftware Direct

Cardiff, NSW

Giftware Direct is a great one-stop solution for all your personalised wedding favours and bomboniere needs in Newcastle. They boast a variety of items ranging from premium glassware to shot glasses and bottle openers, which can be personalised with engravings of your liking.

Being a factory direct supplier, you’re assured the best rates for unique and personalised bomboniere offerings from Giftware Direct.

CALL 1300 273 877

Corporate Cookie Co wedding favours Belmont North NSW

Corporate Cookie Co

Belmont North, NSW

Corporate Cookie Co delivers delicious custom sugar cookies to your door. If you’re looking for something special to give your guests or use as a place setting, why not make it a delicious treat. 

Corporate Cookie Co uses the finest ingredients and cookies are baked from scratch. They specialise in fondant stamped cookies and the highest quality edible image frosting. We guarantee, one bite and you will be coming back for more.

CALL 0402 326 141

Creative Sensations Wedding Bomboniere Cardiff NSW

Creative Sensations

Cardiff, NSW

For sensational yet affordable wedding favours, Creative Sensations has you covered! Choose from a wide array of custom-made wedding bomboniere including but not limited to glassware, bottle openers, engraved pens and personalised stubby holders with a print of your choice.

Whether you want to shop online or in their Newcastle store, you’re spoilt for choice with Creative Sensations!

CALL 02 4956 8881

Starlight Children's Foundation Wedding Bomboniere

Starlight Children’s Foundation

If you want to use your special day to make someone else’s day a little brighter, then Starlight Children’s Foundation can help you out. 

You can opt to make a personalised donation out to the little children in the hospital with Starlight and hand out wedding favour cards to your guests along with your wedding bomboniere to include them in the goodwill. Spread a smile to ill kids with Starlight – and feel all the more blessed on your wedding day. 

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What Are Bomboniere/ Wedding Favours?

As a token of appreciation and love to your wedding guests for having celebrated your wedding day with you, it is a good practice to show your gratitude with wedding favours or bomboniere. For a tradition that began with the French and is currently practiced worldwide, wedding favour ideas have branched out into many different options that you’re sure to love.

It is always a great idea to centre your wedding favour and bomboniere ideas around a personalised or engraved gift that your guests can remember you and your special day by, long after it has happened!

A ‘sweet’ way to bid adieu to your guests on your wedding day would be a wedding favour bomboniere box filled with a selection of delectable sweets – these may be candied almonds, a bunch of cookies or lollies to name a few, all wrapped up in a personalised package with your names and the wedding date, complete with a bow.

This is an option that is extremely budget-friendly as it can be easily DIY-ed too! All you need to do is make a quick stop at the craft store for some fabric and ribbons, the printers for some personalised name tags and your favourite sweet shop for the best possible goodie bag stuffers – this could be a fun activity to do with your bridesmaids too.

If you want to keep things sweet or a little spicy but are not exactly enticed by candies, why not get beautiful glass jars with stickers, hand-painted messaging or engraved with your names and wedding day, filled up with some yummy homemade jams or chutneys?

While edible wedding bomboniere options hold a charm of their own, so do the ones which smell nice. What better way to get your guests to relive your wedding day than by using their sense of smell? It may not be a bridal shower, but bath salt wedding favours are popular! Make sure that you have a variety of options for your guests to pick from as they leave your venue – after a night of drinking and dancing, a soak in a warm shower with refreshing bath salts will definitely do them good!

Another really popular wedding favour option is glassware – shot glasses with your names and wedding date engraved, keepsake jars, champagne flutes or even personalised glass coasters. Let your imagination run wild for these classy and elegant wedding favours.

With more and more people switching to sustainability and looking to do their part for the planet, of late, there has been a boom in the popularity of plant related wedding favours. Be it a tiny bag of seeds, a small succulent terrarium or a mini potted plant, this is one which will symbolically grow as your marriage flourishes. This one gets our mark of approval for sure!

Do not hesitate to get inventive with your wedding favour ideas!

What Are Some Cheap Wedding Favour Ideas?

On a hunt for wedding favour and bomboniere ideas to fit your budget? 

Cheap wedding favours are not just a fantasy – it is something that you can very well transform into a reality. 

If you’re trying to get maximum bang for your buck, reach out to a wedding bomboniere seller that is a direct factory supplier. This way, you get good quality, yet affordable bulk-rates and options for customisation. This will definitely set you back a little but it is justified considering that your guests will have something to forever remember your special day by, immortalised by this wedding favour. 

However, if you’re someone who has been bitten by the craft bug and don’t mind spending a little time doing your own wedding favours, there are tons of DIY bomboniere options that would be wonderful! Chocolate wedding favours could be that sweet surprise for your guests on their way out. A similar option from the sweet category is a cookie wedding favour bag. 

Other affordable things you can opt for are candles, bottle openers and coasters. While engraved glass coasters may be expensive, cork wedding coaster favours are very much within a budget-friendly range. 

Succulents and mini terrarium wedding favours are affordable and a green way to extend your gratitude to your guests. Plus, as mentioned before, they continue to grow during your marriage so the intention is always lovely! 

If you don’t have any vegan guests, honey wedding favours are often well appreciated too. You could even paste a sticker with a cheesy honey-related quote like ‘Meant to Bee’, ‘Glad you could Bee here’ or a simpler ‘a SWEET love story’ onto the jar. 

What Are Some Wedding Party Favours To Say A Special Thanks to Our Bridal Party?

Wedding favour etiquette dictates that in addition to handing out general favours to your guests, you should include personalised favours for your wedding party.

The internet is a treasure trove of unique wedding favour or bomboniere ideas, but it would be wise to stay away from those that are done ever so frequently. Think of some personalised and custom wedding party favours for your favourite people and put together a box of things you know they’ll love, which will show them just how well you know them. 

For bridesmaids, it could have a bottle of their favourite alcohol, a bridesmaid robe for them to wear on your wedding day as you get ready, a cute custom illustration depicting your relationship, beauty products you know they love, a spa gift card and a stunning piece of jewellery. You know them best so think of what they would be happiest to receive. They’ll definitely appreciate this token of appreciation for having been by your side! 

If you’re a groom looking for gift boxes for your groomsmen, it works the same way. Think about what you know your groomsmen love and curate a wedding favour box for each one of them. There are plenty of ideas online and you’re only limited by your imagination (and to some extent, by your budget) but you know your groomsmen are worth splurging over!