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Natural Lights Photography Merewether NSW

Natural Lights Photography

Merewether, NSW

Natural Lights Photography’s stellar imagery of weddings as they happen is what sets them apart.

The power packed girl-boss duo who are the brains behind Natural Lights Wedding Photography have over 15 years of experience in the industry, making them a great pick to capture your ceremony!

Be it the stolen moments of the couple revelling in their love or tiny decor details or guests having a blast, the spectacular eye of the wedding photographers at Natural Lights makes a memory of it all.

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JL Media Elermore Vale NSW Wedding Photography

JLewis Media

Elermore Vale, NSW

For something that started off on the request of several clients, James Lewis Media’s wedding photography has now shifted to the fast lane.

As a wedding photographer, James is of the opinion that a day as special as this should not remain undocumented. Years of experience in the field coupled with an eye for the craft is sure to reflect on your wedding album – a ticket to several trips down memory-lane for later in life.

His approach is centred around ensuring ultimate client satisfaction- right from booking to the delivery of the final cut.

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Samuel Jacob Wedding Photographer

Samuel Jacob Photography

Newcastle West, NSW

If you’re looking for someone to take dreamy pictures of your significant other and you on one of the happiest days of your lives, Samuel Jacob Wedding Photographer comes highly recommended.

Based in Newcastle, Samuel and his professional team ensure a wedding photography package to best suit your needs.

Sam, your friend behind the cam, will make sure that those priceless wedding day memories will be preserved beautifully to look back upon ever so fondly.

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Florent Vidal Photography - Newcastle wedding photographer

Florent Vidal Photography

Soldiers Point, NSW

Florent Vidal’s photography follows the principle of photo documentary. Like a voice in a narrative, his photographs will tell the story of your wedding day.

Florent’s wedding images are timeless and have the power to reawaken emotions from your wedding day long after the event.

Starting his career in photography in Paris, France as a travel photojournalist, Florent’s exposure to different cultures and situations honed his skills to capture real life event without directing it. Today, Florent Vidal is considered as one of Australia’s most respected wedding photojournalists.

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Lauren Anne Photography Adamstown - NSW

Lauren Anne Photography

Adamstown, NSW

Lauren Anne wedding photography is driven to figuring out what makes a couple click and what sets their love story apart. Weddings, albeit beautiful, can be awfully stressful. In the gaggle of wedding vendors, it’s not difficult to forget the magic the day holds.

Lauren Anne is an amazingly talented wedding photographer, but more importantly, is a friend to the couple on their wedding day!

The sparkle in your eye or the little cheeky smile on seeing your soon-to-be spouse walking down the aisle that everyone else in the room may have missed, is all captured by Lauren’s camera!

CALL 0422 785 688

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Something Blue

Newastle West, NSW

Crafting wonderful visually represented stories for all the couples they work with, Something Blue specialises in a style of wedding photography that is unapologetically human and wholesome.

They are also eco-ethical wedding ambassadors who believe in the concept that weddings must pack more meaning than stuff, an absolutely delightful sentiment.

If you are looking to forgo posed wedding photography and capture portraits which are as heartfelt and candid as can be, you know who to pick! For your ‘Something New’ on your wedding day, why not choose Something Blue Photography?

CALL (02) 8091 1255

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Ben Howland

Cardiff, NSW

Ben Howland believes in a unique approach when it comes to wedding photography. While photography is important to look back on the day, it is a wedding and not a photoshoot. He believes in freezing memories and authentic frames of a wedding day as it happens with the couple enjoying their day with all of their guests.

With over a decade of specialised experience as a wedding photographer, Ben wants to make his transactions with the clients as transparent and simple as possible. He even confidently attests to the fact that you just get married while he handles the rest!

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Popcorn Photography

Newcastle, NSW

Lauded as one of Newcastles most exclusive and experienced studios offering wedding photography solutions, Popcorn Photography is a safe bet to guarantee the best way to revisit your special day!

They believe in honouring the couple in an elegant and timeless manner through all of their portraits and paying attention to the details that make a couple click.

Run by a mother-daughter duo, the studio breathes life into the pictures with the ideologies of capturing the magic along with a pop of fun!

CALL 0419 433 976

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What Does The Average Wedding Photographer Cost?

Weddings, on a whole, are an expensive affair. A wedding photographer’s cost accounts for 7-10% of an Australian couple’s total wedding budget with the average wedding photographer cost in Australia ringing in close to $3900, according to MoneySmart.

A good wedding photographer can cost you anywhere between $1000-10,000! Whether you’re the kind to sieve through the lot and scoop out the bargains to find the most affordable wedding photography professionals or it’s the day you intend to splurge.

Australia is home to quite a few talented wedding photographers who can ensure that you look back at the memories made celebrating your special day in the best way possible- a keepsake for you and generations to come!

It’s safe to say that wedding photography package prices vary to a great extent based on the professionals you pick to do the job- there are hobbyist photographers willing to cover your event for nominal sums of money to professionals who have been in the business for years.

However, it is always a safer bet to hire a professional to do the job- don’t risk the accidental erasure of your precious wedding day memories!

What Do Wedding Photography Packages Include?

Every wedding is different- it is important to ensure clarity on what exactly different vendors can offer you as part of your wedding photography package and what you can get as an add-on service, if interested. Conventional wedding photography packages include high-resolution coverage of your wedding event for a fixed time frame averaging 6 hours by a professional wedding photography expert. After the event is wrapped up, a handpicked selection of the best wedding photos snapped are most likely delivered to you after some amount of processing and colour correction via a USB stick or an online album. Keep in mind that even the best wedding photographers cannot be at two places at once! If you’d like to be extra cautious, a second photographer can be booked as an add-on to ensure that nothing is missed. Some people opt to commence their liaison with their wedding photographers a little earlier than the actual ceremony with a ‘Save the Date’ or a pre-wedding photoshoot, something that they can definitely tailor in to a package if you’re interested. It allows you and your significant other to get comfortable with the team that will be in your faces for a good majority of your wedding day!

What Photos Should I Ensure My Photographer Captures On The Day?

It is a good idea to have a quick chat with your wedding photographer before D-Day to discuss and shortlist a few shots you believe must be part of your wedding album.

While Pinterest is a wonderful source to bank on other people’s ideas, geotagging locations or looking through Newcastle wedding photography hashtags on Instagram is a great tool for you to get some ideas your exact wedding location!

A popular idea that a lot of people follow to ensure not skipping any indispensable shots and to minimise any wedding day disappointments is maintaining a wedding photo checklist which can be entrusted to your wedding photographer.

A rule of thumb would be to plan the checklist in a chronological order, starting off even before the ceremony begins with a few shots of the bride(s) and/or groom(s) getting ready, their outfit, shoes etc- all amid the candid pre-wedding jitters!

A few bridal photos with closeups of the dress and jewellery and then some teary eyes in focus are absolute must haves in your album. Once ready, depending on the level of quirk you’d like, it’s time for the bridesmaids and groomsmen photos.

At the location, along with your conventional coverage of the wedding, make sure your photographers don’t forget to take a picture of you both with the entire wedding party and members of your family. It is a known fact that your family and members of the wedding party are going to treasure these photos!

Is It A Good Idea To Have A Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot?

A pre-wedding photography session is always recommended, especially for those couples who are camera shy! If you’re wondering why it would be a good idea to subject people who dislike being in front of the camera to two entire days posing in front of a lens, it has to do with comfort. 

The pre-wedding photoshoot is an opportunity for couples to get comfortable with their wedding photographers and learn to be in front of the camera – you definitely don’t want a ‘Chandler Bing posing for his engagement picture’ situation on your wedding day.

The pictures from your session can be used as a ‘Save The Date’ too! 

In addition to that, taking a look at the pre-wedding photos will help you find your best angles and your favourite poses which you could discuss with your photographer to keep in mind for the big day. 

Can You Hire The Same Business For Wedding Photography And Videography?

There are widely divided opinions when it comes to the decision of choosing one business to handle both your wedding photography and videography. 

One school of thought is to hire the same vendor offering a package with a wedding photographer and videographer. The pros to such an approach are a hassle-free arrangement, the possibility of a discount for booking both and a shared vision between the two professionals within the same team. 

The only drawback of hiring one team to cover your wedding photography and videography could potentially be their level of expertise in each speciality. It is often seen that a team may be excellent in delivering exquisite wedding portraits, but their video may fail to impress. 

If you feel like the latter is a matter of bother to you, you must opt for separate wedding photographers and videographers who are experts in their respective fields or look for a company where they have two professionals working together to create an all in one service.

Where Are The Best Newcastle Locations For Wedding Photos?

Wedding photographers shooting in Newcastle have a bevy of options for wedding photo locations, no matter the weather. 

While a wet wedding may not necessarily have been your plan, rainy wedding photos with those gloomy skies in the background and happy faces in the foreground are a wedding photographer’s dream! A few wet weather favourites among couples in Newcastle are the Christ Church Cathedral, The Station and the Newcastle Baths.

We also love all the little rotunda’s and shelters that can be used like the ones at Nobbys Beach or King Edward Park. Another easy idea is to just pick a spot in the city. There are heaps of undercover areas with amazing architecture like sandstone walls, old pubs, fountains and cobblestone paths to choose from.

If it’s sunny, a couple of beach wedding photos snapped at one of Newcastle’s many pristine beaches such as Nobbys with its beautiful lighthouse or the stunning Bathers Way from Merewether to Bar Beach is a great idea! The Newcastle Foreshore and Lake Macquarie both offer more spots with water views and often a boat or two for interest. Or why not pick a cool city wall with some exposed brick, graffiti or other interesting features.