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Rundle Tailoring Mens Wedding Suits and shoes Newcastle West NSW

Rundle Tailoring

767 Hunter St, Newcastle West NSW 2302

To measure up against your wedding suit expectations, you need the century-old expertise of Rundle Tailoring! They guarantee precision tailoring, great service, the latest styles and the perfect fit to make you look like the true-blue gentleman that you are on your wedding day!

The multi award winning team offer made to measure suiting, ready to wear or formal hire with all tailoring done on the premises. The trusted place for generations of grooms – with their help, rest assured, the groom and his groomsmen are going to look their finest on their wedding day.

CALL (02) 4940 8382

Gentlemens Outfitters Charlestown NSW Groomsmen suits and hire

Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown

Shop 3/9 Pearson Street Mall Charlestown 2290

On your wedding day, you must Suit Up! If you have a big enough budget put aside for your wedding suit, we’d highly recommend getting a Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown tailored suit. However, they do also offer wedding suits on hire for those who may want to save.

If you’re a sports buff or just looking for somewhere with great reviews, its great to know that Gentlemen’s Outfitters Charlestown are the official menswear suppliers to the Newcastle Jets. Now you can’t get a better review than that.

CALL (02) 4943 3621

Kim Presbury Wedding Suits Men Charlestown NSW

Kim Presbury Clothing Alterations

Charlestown, NSW

The groom sporting a well-fitted suit on his wedding day is a must! While there is a lot of talk on where you must buy your wedding suit from, one thing that is just as important and not discussed enough is getting it altered to perfection. 

Kim Presbury Clothing Alterations is lauded as the best alteration and fitting service by many brides and grooms as she always delivers high-quality to ensure that you look your best! As Kim says, and sew it begins! 

CALL 0425 388 775

The Suit Shop Charlestown Suit Hire and wedding suits

The Suit Shop

Shop 1080 Charlestown Square, 30 Pearson St, Charlestown NSW 2290

For that well-tailored and gentlemanly-looking three-piece tuxedo, you shouldn’t think twice about heading on over to The Suit Shop in Charleston. In addition to the groom, consider getting complementary suits for your groomsmen and little ring bearer because they do kids suits too.

Every tuxedo needs a bowtie and the vibrant collection at The Suit Shop is just what you need to add that splash of colour to what could be a boring monochrome wedding day look.

CALL 0403 655 910

SK Menswear Wedding Suits Kotata NSW

sk menswear kotara web logo

SK Menswear Kotara

Westfield Kotara, 75-89 Park Ave, Newcastle, New South Wales 2289

Grooms, it’s almost that time to Suit Up and who better to get a well-tailored wedding suit than the specialists at SK Menswear? 

Find a suit that ‘suits’ your budget, style and is of your favourite fit. Details are important, so don’t skimp when it goes to your wedding suit. On your special day, SK Menswear makes you look more dashing than ever with their expert tailoring professional styling advice too! 

CALL 02 4023 2041

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Why A Wedding Suit Hire Can Be A Great Option?

The infamous wedding suit hire may face a bad reputation in most wedding circles, but most of the people pointing fingers at rented out wedding suits may not have even given it a try themselves.

Maybe, a few years ago, suit hires were ill-fitting, stained and something off a catalogue from decades ago forcing people to shell out a little more cash to invest in a brand-new wedding suit. But now, suit hire options are impressive to say the least- with good tailoring and details, modern cuts and fun colours.

Men’s suit hires can be altered and tailored to fit you like a glove too. It makes sense to hire the wedding suit as it usually isn’t something that one reuses too often. We absolutely understand if you would like to buy a new suit and keep it for its heirloom quality, but we’re all about getting the best bang for your buck here!

The only thing you must keep in mind is to be careful not to stain it (we want you to get back that entire deposit amount!) and return it on time to prevent the daily charges from racking up. 

If you and your groomsmen are not the kind of people who wear suits often, then it would be wise to consider a formal dinner suit hire instead. Suit hire prices are considerably lower than buying a new suit and these extra funds saved can very easily be redirected towards an (even more) epic bachelor party!

The only challenge you may face is if you have an exceptionally large or small person in your squad – you may have to hunt down options then as the chances are slim with the usually preferred slim suit hire. 

Choosing Between Classic Black Wedding Suits Or Something A Little Different?

You already know which wedding suits scream classic and timeless – the black three-piece tux or black evening suit. They pair really well with the white wedding dress that the bride will have on and black groomsmen suits.

But why not add a little fun or one of the new classics to your outfit?

When it comes to colours, your choices are endless – the classic brown and beige suits are great choices for weddings on the beach or out in nature while grey, especially light grey suits, are classic enough for a traditional church wedding but modern enough for other venues too.

Grey for the groom and groomsmen suits is one of our favourites after the classic black since they look so good with pink floral accents too!

For something else a little different, why not opt for a stunning navy-blue wedding suit – incredibly suave and dapper. If you’re still inching towards a black suit but don’t want to appear plain, knock your look out of the park in a charcoal wedding suit instead. For those who want to keep it vibrant, blue and green wedding groom suits are a reality too! 

Have you seen the white groom wedding suit? It looks incredible on men who boast a darker complexion. The likes of Jay-Z, Chris Brown and Ryan Reynolds have been spotted wearing a white suit to red carpet events. Who wouldn’t want to look like an A-list celebrity on their wedding day? 

Decoding The Dress Code Styles Of Wedding Suits For Men?

Men’s wedding suits are never right up there on the list of things to get done in time for the wedding, but it should be. Wedding suits for men should be picked out and tailored to fit at least three months before D-Day. 

If you are having hiccups on which one of the many wedding suit styles will look best on you, we’ll help you decode it. 

Formal wedding attire for men:

  • The morning suit – To look like a modern day royal and fit into the tone of a vintage wedding setting, the morning suit is a great option. It is the most elegant garment that you could possibly don for the ceremony. For once, all eyes would be on the groom and the bride wouldn’t mind one bit! 
  • Wedding tuxedos – Another classy option that looks spectacular is the tuxedo. Amp your style up a notch and be brave enough to experiment with different coloured tuxedos and bow ties. 
  • 3-piece wedding suit – If you prefer playing it safe and keeping it classy, then why not choose a wedding 3-piece suit? Classic with ample style! 

Semi-formal wedding attire for men:

  • Cocktail attire for weddings for men – The summer cocktail attire is a men’s favourite when it comes to keeping it semi-formal for your wedding attire. If you live somewhere with a tropical climate or are hosting a low-key outdoor wedding, this may be your best bet. 

Casual wedding attire for men: 

  • The last style to decode is the casual wedding style. This may seem like a concept unheard of, but it is more common than you think. We love grooms who aren’t afraid to sport tailored shorts or cream and white styles made of lighter materials such as linen. This style is perfect for beach and tropical weddings.

Choosing the Perfect Groomsmen Suit For A Newcastle Beach Wedding

The thought of getting suited up for a wedding on a hot day at a beach may be daunting but finding the best summer wedding groomsmen suits will surely work in your favour. 

For a beach wedding, the groom outfit is usually more casual than it would be for an indoor ceremony. We recommend popular choices such as linen suits or chino wedding outfits to keep it both cool and classy. And when it comes to colours, think light choice such as white, cream or even light grey to stop you sweltering in a sun attracting black.

Finding the Perfect Wedding Suits for Women?

While this entire thread has been about nailing down that perfect wedding suit for men, what about the women? Wedding suits for women are all the rage and incredibly chic.

Female wedding suits are, in fact, more versatile when it comes to cuts, styles, fabrics and colours than men’s suits so you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for.

If you want to keep it traditional, then a crisp and classic white bridal suit looks super chic and elegant.

When it comes to styles, the choices are endless. From the usual structured suit to those that are slinky and a little sexier. For the former, consider a tailored single-breasted blazer, paired with cigarette pants. It looking for the latter, think sleek and slinky lines, and detailing like a split up the leg.

Other options to really glam it up could include sequins to give it a little extra sparkle, injecting a little (or a lot) of colour or even shorts for a more casual context.

The best bit? Unlike a huge ball gown, wedding suit for woman are something you will be able to wear again post “I do’s”.