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Marriage Celebrant Monty King Gateshead NSW
Wedding Celebrant Monty King Gateshead NSW
Monty King Civil Marriage Celebrant Gateshead NSW

Monty King Celebrations

Gateshead, NSW

Monty King is a civil marriage celebrant who thinks that your ceremony shouldn’t be a chore that your favourite people have to endure, just to get to the good stuff. It should be the good stuff!

The springboard into an epic day that no one will ever forget. A ceremony filled with laughs and tears, cheers and good times.

Monty isn’t into preaching to people, explaining what marriage and love are.
He wants to tell your story.
It should be all about you – all killer, no filler.

And this should go without saying, but Monty will say it anyway. LOVE IS LOVE. It’s for EVERYONE. We all deserve it.
And one more thing – sometimes “hilarious” Uncle Barry isn’t the best choice to MC your reception, or your guests might just want to be guests and not be put to work. Give Monty a holler about MCing too.

CALL 0401 446 887

5.0 Star Review Rating

wed by kez wedding celebrant mayfield

Wed By Kez

Mayfield, NSW

Kez has rocked over 700 ceremonies for Newcastle brides and grooms with her fun, relaxed approach to weddings.

LGBTQIA+ friendly and all together understanding chick her weddings are full of personality, non traditional and definitely not boring!

CALL 0402 216 597.

Julie Muir civil celebrant mayfield

Julie Muir

Mayfield, NSW

Nail those nuptials with our favourite  yarn-spinning, whiskey-drinking’ celebrant. Julie is one belly-laughing’, ray o’ sunshine who will brighten your day.

She is not only a fabulous celebrant, she’s also highly organised, a talented multi-linguist, and has a glorious Irish accent that will leave your guests swooning.

CALL 0413 267 238.

home brand weddings celebrant Glendale NSW

Home Brand Weddings

Glendale, NSW

Kelly Lawson is an authorised marriage celebrant offering affordable elopement and ceremony solutions to couples wanting to host smaller home-based events with 5-50 guests.

Small is the new big! Couples are making the most of hosting small events. They are creating their own style and twist at their dinner parties, BBQ’s and pizzas nights.

No event is too small, boring, or plain. Home is where the heart is, anything can happen at home!

CALL 0401 067 181.

Jaya Bargwanna Celebrant Merewether NSW

Jaya Bargwanna Celebrant

Merewether, NSW

Choosing your official third wheel can be a daunting task – you want someone who listens, that ‘gets you’, makes you feel at ease, that you know will be entertaining and who will tell your story – the way it deserves to be told. Enter Jaya; a young, fun and engaging celebrant.

Over at JBCCHQ (Civil Celebrant Head Quarters, for those playing at home) Jaya works with you to create a fun, laid-back and downright lovely ceremony. Whether you’re planning an intimate elopement or a ceremony to get the party started, she’ll help create a vibe to kick off your wedding in the most magical way.

CALL 0402 492 983

Francine OBrien Marriage Celebrant Fletcher NSW

Francine O’Brien

Fletcher, NSW

It’s all about love and family for Francine. She provides personal and professional services at a fair and reasonable price and invites you to read her reviews on Facebook from many awesome couples.

Whether you choose her ‘Love and Legals’ or ‘Deluxe’ package to include rituals such as hand fasting, jumping the broom, the blending of sands, ring warming, love locks and many others, both packages will be meaningful and include all legal documentation and prompt registration of your marriage.

So, surround yourself with love and let Francine help make your ceremony special for you and your family.

CALL 0432 275 104

Becky Married Me Marriage Celebrant Adamstown NSW

Becky Married Me

Adamstown, NSW

Authorised Marriage Celebrant Rebecca aka Becky or Bec says she’s not your stereotypical marriage celebrant and calls herself a professional third wheel. This young and vibrant celebrant is under 30, has performance experience and even has a law degree for all the wedding legal stuff.

She specialises in non-denominational wedding ceremonies and limits her numbers to ensure her clients are number 1 on their big day.

that altar guy wedding celebrant newcastle

That Altar Guy

Newcastle, NSW

Jeremy aka That Altar Guy had MC’d a few friends’ weddings when a couple of them asked him to become a wedding officiant and marry them. So, he did and he loved it so much that he’s gone from a full time to a part-time job just so he has more time for weddings.

That Altar Guy brings a fun and entertaining personality to your day to ensure you have a relaxed yet lively wedding ceremony.

CALL 0449 930 944.

Nadine Celebrating Lifes events Marriage Celebrant

Celebrating Life’s Events

Kotara, NSW

Nadine has LOVED every minute of her 16 years as a marriage celebrant. Prior to having 3 children in three years, she worked in HR roles including training and event management.

Public speaking comes naturally to her and she works well with a crowd. Nadine listens, questions, then creates the ceremony you are dreaming of including any cultural symbols or family traditions. The paperwork is just part of the job! Nadine will bring everything together to ensure the experience is a stress-free one.

Every life event has its own unique story … let Nadine help you tell yours.

CALL 0414 428 320

Melodie Awesome Marriage Celebrant Lambton

Melodie’s Awesome Ceremonies

Lambton, NSW

Melodie is one of the regions favourite marriage celebrants. You may remember Melodie from her appearance for Brad and Lara’s wedding on The Block!

Melodie offers a friendly, warm and fun day with a dedicated and experienced professional. As a popular celebrant in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, you know your ceremony will be relaxed and intimate, and you’ll remember it as one of the best moments of your life.

CALL 0401 775 997

Wed by Jade Celebrant NSW Newcastle

Wed by Jade

Newcastle, NSW

If you’re searching for a young celebrant who brings the fun, then you’ve found her! Meet Jade, a registered marriage celebrant, professional wedding singer and confident reception MC, all wrapped into one wedding vendor.

Choose her for everything or just to get you married, either way, you’ll be getting a celebrant that is easy going, musically minded and ready to help you create a day that is exactly what you are after.


civil marriage celebrant - marry me mel - Newcastle Nsw

Marry Me Mel

Newcastle, NSW

Marry Me Mel is here to wage war on boring weddings! She is a young(ish), vibrant Civil Celebrant making magic in Newcastle, The Hunter Valley, Port Stephens and beyond.

Mel has a passion for creating ceremonies the way YOU want them. Consider her your “ceremony curator”. She will handle the paperwork and build a ceremony that will leave your guests saying “that was so them”.

Let Mel put the fun into your ceremony and celebrate your special day with you.


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Why Use A Marriage Celebrant?

When it comes to weddings, the nuptials are the most important part of the day. For some couples, you might want a church wedding with an Ordained Minister, but for others, the option to have a non-denominational ceremony in their location of choice means a civil celebrant is the perfect choice.

Wedding celebrants allow you to plan the ceremony any way you choose (aside from a few small words they need to say to make sure you’re legally married) and they bring lots of fun and personality to the day.

How To Choose The Best Marriage Celebrant For Your Wedding?

When it comes to Wedding Celebrants, they all have their own unique style which they will bring to your wedding ceremony.

Start by reading some reviews such as those above and reach out to a few who you think suit your personality as a couple and will understand the type of ceremony you are hoping for. Once you settle on a celebrant, meet with them or arrange a call to see if they make you feel comfortable, seem like they will work well with you and will make your day enjoyable.

How Much Does A Wedding Celebrant Cost?

In 2020 the average celebrant cost in NSW came in just over $800. That’s not to say you can’t get marriage celebrants to perform a ceremony for much cheaper but it really comes down to factors such as the length of your ceremony, how far they need to travel and whether you have a simple legal ceremony or one with all the bells and whistles.

Shop around and get some quotes but also remember you often get what you pay for and at the end of the day the ceremony is the most important part of the day so you should set aside the budget it deserves.

What Services Does A Civil Celebrant Provide?

The services that civil celebrants provide can range from a very simple legal ceremony and all the required paperwork to be officially married right through to helping with planning, MC duties at the reception and props like signing tables and stationery for the day.

Most celebrants will meet with couples a few times to initially discuss their wedding and lodge any needed paper work. They mostly provide their own PA system and are great at herding guests and making sure everything runs smoothly on the day.

What is the Difference Between an Ordained Minister and a Civil Celebrant?

An Ordained Minister is a religious person and usually only performs wedding in their own church. They design traditional ceremonies which these days can be quite relaxed and tailored to the individual couple but must still adhere to certain religious wordings.

A celebrant on the other hand is someone who is registered in Australia to perform wedding ceremonies (and other events). They can marry people in any location such as gardens, chapels or venues and besides a few small legal sentences, can fully customise a wedding to each couple.

When To Start Looking For A Celebrant For Your Wedding?

Since the ceremony and vows are essentially the most important part of your wedding day, it seems fitting that a celebrant should be one of the first wedding vendors chosen on your wedding to do list. Popular celebrants can book up over a year in advance so start your research early, chat to a few and lock in your favourite once you’ve decided on a date for your wedding.

For those looking last minute, don’t forget you will need to engage a wedding celebrant at least a month out in order to lodge your “intent to marry” paperwork in time.

Do Marriage Celebrants Need To Follow A Particular Wedding Order Of Service?

The benefits of a wedding celebrant is that you can really make a ceremony your own and that means you can essentially tailor your wedding order of service to your needs and style.

The Wedding Celebrant will need to say a couple of things for legal reasons which cannot be changed but apart from that its up to you to discuss what your would like with your marriage celebrant and plan a wedding together that will make your day perfect.

How Long Is A Ceremony By A Marriage Celebrant?

Again, this is something that is really up to you. Lots of celebrants recommend around 30 minutes as a nice ceremony length where you can tell your story as a couple, have some special readings, musical items or traditions and of course cover all the legal stuff, your vows and exchange rings.

Ceremonies can be as short as 10 minutes if you just want a simple legal ceremony or you can extend things for longer. Just remember short and sweet is often the perfect balance.

What is Discussed With A Wedding Celebrant Before The Wedding Day?

Before your big day, your celebrant will go through the legal paper work with you. They will also discuss a ceremony format, what you want included and send you a draft ceremony for you to have a look at and make any changes.

They will talk to you about writing your own vows or just going with some standard vows, as well as any other parts of the ceremony like readings from family or friends. In the week before the wedding the celebrant will do a rehearsal with you so everyone knows their jobs, where to stand and how it will run on the day. This can really help with those pre-ceremony jitters.